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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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Zachary Pov

"Well! Well! Who do we have here?" I smirked as I looked out of the stranded building's window towards the target.

Willi chuckled a bit and loaded his rifle aiming it towards the target.

"Now do you believe me? That I'm on your team?" he asked pointing the gun downwards.

I smirked and though I nodded in positive, inwardly I still didn't have a bit of trust on him, because it was what I was taught from the beginning by grandpa.

"Never trust a friend let alone an enemy."

"Who would have ever imagined that this bastard will be digging his own grave by coming here. Romania" I said and watched intently from the sixth floor of the building towards where he was standing talking to his men.

Silly man, he doesn't even have a single idea that his moves would have been watched and I was just waiting for a right opportunity. And the opportunity is here. I came to know that he has a small but important company here, i.e Romania. So, I did what I needed to do for him to come out of the bill.

I created circumstances in which he had to show up himself in order to save his company.

"Good work Willi, " I complimented.

Little did Mr. Nicholas Greer know that his steps are been watched.

My blood boiled when he laughed shaking his hand with a man. Oh, much I loathed the man.

"Give me that, " I stretched my hand asking for the rifle.

"You will shoot?" Willi asked.

I saw as the other men turned around to leave and Nicholas turned around walking towards his SUV.

"I said give me that!" I literally barked because I only had one chance to shoot and capture him, if I miss then perhaps I would never get my hands on him ever in my life. He is smart of all that I know about him.

Willi handed me the rifle and I used a silencer before walking nearer towards a window where I could get a clear vision of Nicholas. I opened the glass window and smirked seeing my target right before me.

Somehow, he stopped on his track and was looking at his phone.

Perfect timing!

I kept one of my feet on the window frame and positioned myself like a sniper for shooting.

"Are you going to kill him?" I heard Willi, his voice was little sad and unsure.

"Why? Are you not the same person who told me that you wanted revenge? So what happened now?" I asked looking back at Willi.

He sighed and looked down.

"If only he didn't involve my family, " I heard him whisper sadly.

I rolled my eyes at his sudden emotions and looked back at the target who was now talking to someone on his phone.

"Say bye! bye!" I chuckled.

The silencer prevents from any sudden firing noise and my heart swelled seeing the man whom I loathed the most falli


What do you see in him, Juliette?

We drove to our destination with the SUV that Nicholas brought being driven by Max and he was trailing behind us. Willi was quietly driving the car while I sat on the passenger seat next to Willi, silently gazing out of the car's tinted glass window.

"What are you planning to do with him?" the silence was broken by Willi asking me questions.

"You surely ask too many questions, " I said not even bothering to look his way. I heard him chuckling and I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing!" he shook his head.

"But I wanted to ask you a question!" he said and I gave him a sharp look.

"Didn't you just ask one a few seconds ago?" I questioned.

"No! No! This one is last!" he said and I nodded pointing him to ask with my finger.

"Will I get my chance with him?" all of a sudden he looked cold and terrible. As if he wanted to kill someone almost immediately. His knuckles turned white at the rate in which he held the steering wheel.

I leaned against the door and rested my left cheek on my wrist supporting my hand from my elbow as I kept it on the window frame.

"Chance? On what? Talking?" I asked in a tone as if I was taunting him. I surely was taunting him.

"Talking? Huh!" he scoffed.

"It's torturing the motherfucker" he completed and his enthusiasm in torturing the asshole on our back seat made me chuckle deeply.

Hmm! Interesting! I guess this man is slowly winning my trust, day by day.


Slowly Slowly...Zachary is ... You know what.. I mean ;)

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