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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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Juliette Pov

"Ah! So finally we are meeting" Zachary's grandfather laughed sitting before me on the dining table. Zachary chose to sit next to me and mom on my next. Dad was sitting beside to Zachary's grandfather and Cosmina was joining us for the dinner and she was sitting next to dad.

"U-" I was cut off when I felt Zachary's hand on mine.

Why did he kiss me?

It's strange, but immediately my cheeks burned and I felt myself blushing recalling the incident that just happened a few minutes ago.

"Of course to shut you" my subconscious mocked at me.

"I don't think so" I retorted back.

No matter how strange it felt, my heart didn't agree on the fact that he kissed me just to shut me. I felt anger and frustration when he kissed me.

But what did I do?

Was it because I intervened in the middle of his work?


But why am I meeting his grandfather? I couldn't even deny when he asked me to join him for the dinner. He wanted to talk to me. What does he want to talk to me? To me? What did I do? Don't tell me that he want to use me as a human bomb or some spy or something like that..peculiar.

Damn it!

What are you doing Juliette? Sitting so quietly and stiffly? Just get up and run. He is danger. Scream or call the police.

"I don't have a phone, " I said out loud which resulted on Zachary squeezing my hand tightly.

"Uh?" Zachary's grandfather asked looking puzzled.

"Phone?" he questioned.

I glanced to my right to find Zachary already glaring at me. I gave out a nervous laugh and looked back at everyone who were looking at me as if I had two horns on my head.

Why are you so stupid?

"I- uh- Yeah! I lost my phone back there. Yes, I lost my phone. I can't find it. So I was telling to Zachary that I lost my phone" I nodded and looked back at Zachary who narrowed his eyes at me "I lost my phone" I told him and he gave out a forced smile to me.

"Oh! Phone. Don't worry I will gift a new phone to my daughter-in-law" he said smiling at me. His smile was not that evil or that mocking one that we usually see in movies or pictures, but a genuine warm one. He looked as if he was a normal person enjoying a supper with his family. I would have been so comfortable if only I didn't know his true identity.

Who knows if he is masking his mafia facade.

"No! N-No!" It's alright. You don't need to" I told him laughing nervously. I felt sweats forming at the forehead and neck out of nervousness.

What sin did I do to end up like a family like this? God

him. All of a sudden the thoughts of him with me alone in a house began surfacing my mind.

Why did he kiss me?

"Spent some quality time with my wife. My wife, " his words kept rotating before my eyes and the more strange thing was, even if I knew his words meant nothing but a mean to deceive others, but I didn't know why the intensity in his eyes looked true to me. As if he wanted to tell me something, ask me something but he couldn't because he doesn't want to.

What do you want Zachary?

"Aww! Look at them, " I heard mom and both of us broke out of the staring contest and he removed his arm away from me and I sat properly on my seat dragging the chair away from his.

As soon as I did that I felt his hand on my chair below my thigh and the next moment I was jerked towards his direction with me gasping at the sudden action.

I glanced his way confused but soon glared at him when everyone laughed probably noticing what he just did.

"Jerk!" I whispered to him and noticed as he smirked slightly at me and looked the other way.

"There is a limit to facade everything. He doesn't need to act every minute. No one is noticing nor cares" I huffed crossing my arms against my chest.

"This couple has a bright future, " grandpa said and as though I wanted to do nothing but to roll my eyes at his comment I gave out a forced smile at him and inwardly screamed "Yeah! Bright future in the sense with me stabbing him until death with an ice-cream stick if nobody serves me an ice-cream in next five minutes!"

"Ice-cream! Ice-cream! Ice-cream, " I screamed inwardly.


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