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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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Juliette Pov

I dressed myself even though the only thing that I ever wanted to run away, very far away from where there was no link to the mafia. But I doubt Zachary would ever let me go away this easily.

He would make sure to make his men follow my butt until they find me and drag back to him. Ironically, if I get back he won't even do anything to me. He will only put me into house arrest.

Strange! As much strange this sounds but that man never put his hands on me let alone harass me. So, as I had eavesdropped beforehand in that strange room, I got to know that there is a man named Nicholas who wants me dead and Zachary is trying to find him but in the same way, he is even trying to protect me.

"Why is he protecting me?" I wondered.

I was sure, one and hundred percent sure that he wasn't involved anything but romantically with me. Sure, he saved me but it was only because he was trying to save but my question is why?

And what does all this has to do with him forcefully marrying me, killing Emmett in the process?

How is Emmett related to all this?

I sighed and reprimanded myself for thinking any longer. I would surely end up with a burst vein in my brain if I think any longer about that callous man. Zachary. I don't understand why that man has to be so hard, secretive, protective and mysterious.

I doubt he would ever open his mouth on all this. But the fact that he agreed to let me even meet my father surprised me. Never had I ever imagined that he would come forward and tell me that 'I will let you meet your father. But Behave!'

What does he mean by behaving?

I'm not a dog that I will just sit and stand up only by the flick of his fingers. And have I ever denounced him in front of anyone? Ever?

I looked at myself in the mirror.

I was wearing a half sleeve short red dress for the party with red stilettos. I wanted something comfortable for the small welcome party hence I didn't want to wear any gown or anything that would stick to my skin.

Everything in my life was somewhat suffocating and the only thing that I could do was to at least wear a dress which would let me breathe comfortably. Moreover, I wanted to know about Zachary's grandfather. I wanted to know how his rest of his family was.

I wasn't sure if his mother knew anything about his other side or not but his father. There was something about Gale that made suspicious. The way he talked, the way he walked and sometimes I even heard him talk on his phone. His tone was same as Zachary. Commanding and demanding. Though he was always friendly and sweet to me, yet I just couldn't get myself trust him. It was like I knew what it was but the thing was I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I bet Zachary's grandfather would be nothing like him. Seeing the preparations for him, the colors and the flowers, I sense he must be a welcoming person in general.

I made my way out and went towards the living. Everything was ready and people of the house were eagerly waiting for mom and him to arrive.

I look

on me.

"Juliette!" I stopped more like stilled on my spot when I saw Zachary walking towards me. But the only thing that I noticed was the gun that he was holding.

It was dark but the only thing which made us easier to see was the light from the house windows.

"No! Don't come near me, " I cried and struggled to get myself free.

"Juliette!" he said but I screamed scared that he might hurt me now.

He raised his hand in which he was holding the gun. I thought that he was going to shoot me but when I screamed and literally begged to let me go I noticed something extraordinary in his eyes. He looked calm as always not even bothered by the surrounding or even the people that were holding me.

He gave the gun to a man standing near me and he took it and kept it back into his jacket.

"Juliett-" Zachary begun but I cut him off.

"N-No! S-Stay a-way fro-m me" I managed to utter and at this, I didn't quite decipher his look.

He looked hurt, but then confused and all of a sudden determined.

"Juliette listen to m-" he said but yet again I cut him off.

"Let me go! Why are you doing all this to me? What did I ever do?" I screamed.

"I saw Avim Ben Gon. H-He was supposed to be dead but here he is. Is he your grandfather? What else is left to-" he stopped me when immediately he came forward and held my arm and snatched them from the people who were holding me beforehand.

"Leave!" he told them and in a second they were gone.

"Let me go!" I screamed and winced when he folded my arms on my back holding me in my place close go him. Being, this much close to him made me even more panicked than I already was which made me struggle to save my life from him.

"Calm down, " he said and I couldn't believe him.

"Let me go" I struggled against his hold but all my actions were going into vain.


"Damn you, Zachary! Let me g-" my words were cut in my throat when I felt his lips on mine.


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