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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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Juliette Pov

"Aww! It's a beautiful day today" I said to myself and stretched my arms into the air but a moment later glared back at Willi who was following.

"Why are you following me?" I asked irritated.

"I'm your bodyguard, " he said and I rolled my eyes.

"But I'm inside the house perimeter. It's just the garden" I said as I walked towards the bench to sit down. I could see Zachary's men standing nearby.

So why do I need a bodyguard?

"Inside the perimeter or outside the perimeter, I have to do my work, " he said and smiled at me when I took a seat on the bench. He stood next to me and looked around.

I sighed and rested my head on my palm.

This is the first time when Zachary allowed me to walk out of the house, technically inside the house perimeter but here I am being followed like a father follows his three-year-old kid.

"C'mon! Can't I have some time alone?" I said.

"Hey!" I turned a little from my position and said to Willi.

"I have never seen you before here, " I said and he nodded smiling.

"But why do I think as if I had already heard your name somewhere from before?" I asked and he tilted his head still smiling.

"Am I famous?" he asked all of a sudden excited.

"What th-" I thought.

"No! I mean how come you ended yourself as my bodyguard?" I asked to which he only shrugged his shoulders and gave me a smile.

"What's with his smiling?" I thought.

"Why are you always smiling?" I asked and he looked up as if he was thinking then looked back at me and shrugged his shoulders. Again.

I gave him an incredulous look and turned around.

"Why does Zachary is the only person in this world who has such type of strange people surrounding him?" I thought and furrowed my eyebrows looking back at Willi.

I huffed out air and leaned against the bench crossing my hands over my chest.

"Well! I understood that you were just doing your work. But why are you following me inside the house?" I yelled at Willi to which he just shrugged and gave me a smile.

"I am doing my work" he replied.

"What work? Why do you need to follow me inside the house? Just go outside!" I said pointing my finger towards the door.

"I have an order from the boss, " he said which made me ball my fists in anger.

"Of course! Zachary" I gritted out.

"Tell me something, " I said.

Willi looked towards me with a questioning look.

"Are you really my bodyguard?" a frown marred his face and he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"Tell me the truth! Has Zachary kept you to make me mad right? You are here to disturb my nervous system?" I said and he gave me an incredulous look but minutes later composed himself and the same stupid smile was back on his face.

"Oh, whatever!" I said throwing my hands into the air.

I walked back towards my room with him trailing behind me like a tail.

I walked into the room and shut the d

r guy. They gazed towards that hoodie guy and immediately turned into an alert position and looked around.

"What's going on?" I asked and Willi looked back at me smiling.

"Nothing! I'm just skeptical. That man is following us from few minutes" Willi said and gulped down water from his glass.

He looked back at me and smiled.

"Maybe he is going the same way, we are going, " I said and he smiled even more.

"You are naive, " he said.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"He is totally a suspect. Look at him. He is glancing our way every second thinking he may lose us from his sight. He is totally calling his men giving them our location" Willi said playing with his glass.

"Oh no! What are we going to do? Is he dangerous?" I asked and he pursed his lips and then smirked at me.

"Just act as if you don't know anything, " Willi said and from the corner of the eyes looked towards the man.

"Let's get out of here, " I said and he shook his head no.

"If you do that now and if is really after you. He will shoot you" he said and it was enough to scare me.

"Why will he shoot me? What did I do?" I asked terrified.

"What am I gonna do now?" I asked and he gave me a smile.

"Blow a kiss, fire a gun, " he said and in that moment I gave him an incredulous look.

"We need someone to lean on" he sang and I wanted to smack that glass on his face.

"You are singing? At this time?" I gritted out.

"All we need is somebody to lean on, " he said and as I was going to smack him like a reflex action he lunged forward and ducked my head downwards when we heard a gun shot with people screaming and running. It was directed towards me because the same glass from which I drank water a few minutes ago shattered into pieces cutting my skin. The bullet missed me and it shot the glass before me.

"Oh my god!" I screamed petrified.


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