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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Juliette Pov

"I want to talk to my parents, " I said gathering up all my courage. I put all my emotions into my eyes hoping that he would give up and at least let me talk to my parents.

My shoulder sagged in defeat when I looked at myself in the mirror. I have been practicing for an hour about how to ask Zachary to allow me to talk to my parents again.

It's been a week since I have been here, all alone in this big house roaming inside the house like a spirit. Mom and dad have left to some island to meet Zachary's grandfather. Zachary merely showed himself before me. The glimpse I get of him is when I wake up, he leaves and when I sleep he comes and sleeps on his side of the bed.

He glanced up at me and ignored me.

"Can't you hear me?" I asked.

"No I can't" he replied.


"I want to talk to my parents, " I said and stood before him blocking his view from the TV.

"Move out of the way" he scoffed and glared and glared at me.

"Not until you give me your phone, " I said adamantly.

"I am telling you for the last time. Move out of the way" he said slowly enunciating each word but I rolled my eye.

"Give me your phone, " I said and crossed my arms across my chest.

The next moment he took sat up from his lying position and opened the drawer of the nightstand. For a moment, I thought I won and he was now going to give me his phone but then my hopes were crashed down or should I say shot down when he took his gun out from the drawer and kept it before him.

"What are you doing?" I asked frightened.

"I warned yo-"

"Do you thing I am afraid of you?" I asked as I took few steps backward.

His eyes were fixed on my moves.

"I am not s-scared, " I said stubbornly but could feel my knees shaking with terror before my commencement speech, but I put on a brave front and stepped out onto the stage to deliver it.

"I want to talk to my parents. Just give me your phone" and tried to put on a brave front.

"You are annoying m-" he held his gun but I cut him off.

"Fine! Don't give me your gun... Uh, I mean your phone. Now I won't take your phone even if you give that to me by yourself" I said and exited the room. Practically ran out of the room.

Outside the room, I released out air and wiped the sweat away from my forehead.

"You are annoying me" I mimicked his voice.

"What does he think of himself? Loser!" I said and scoffed at him.

"So violent" I sighed and shook my head.

"But I won't give up, " I thought and wandered around thinking about the ways to get his phone or some source where I could contact my parents.

An idea formed in my mind and a crooked smile immediately formed on my lips. I went into the room only to find him sleeping.

"Perfect, " I thought.

I saw his phone lying on the bed next to him. The only thing I need to do was to silently sneak up next to him and pick up that box of a phone and go out and call dad.

"So simple" I scoffed at the thought.

"Okay that was a bad idea" I muttered as I tried to wiggle my hands ou

t desired one. It was modern and white with curvy edges.

"Please finalize this one, " I told the salesman and he nodded.

I walked out of the shop and went towards the lift. I waited for the lift and oddly it took ten minutes to reach the floor.

I walked into the lift and clicked on the ground floor. The door closed but stopped midway. Then it slid open again and when I tapped on the close button, it slid close.

Halfway down, the lift trembled which made me little scared and then it stopped.

"What?" I asked in shock.

I clicked on the buttons and then punched at it forcibly.

"What the hell?" I screamed.

The lift stopped on the midway and through the glass door, I could only see the half of the floor. I crunched down on my knee and looked through the glass door.

"Hello?" I screamed petrified.

I looked around and found myself stuck alone between the four walls of the lift except one wall was the glass door through which I could look outside.

"Get me out!" I screamed.

I felt anxiety growing inside of me and thoughts of I would always stay inside the small room filled my mind. There was no escape and instantly tears pooled my eyes for I was closed inside a room with no escape. I knew that no time soon I will be having a panic attack and a serious one. My mind began to fill with the ideas of uncertain death and I cried feeling devastated that I was going to die in such a position.

My breath came out in shorts and I began to huff out air. My vision began to blind and I knew that no sooner I was going to collapse.

I tried to hit on the glass door and even screamed more for help but saw no one.

When I thought that I was nearly just a second away from collapsing, I saw someone. Someone who looked petrified as I was and concerned. As my vision continued to blur, I saw the person through the glass door running towards where I was crunched down in the lift.

"Juliette" Zachary hit on the lift door looking concerned.


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