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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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Zachary Pov

"Yeah that will be good, " I said and he gave me his card.

"If you like the proposal, contact me in this number, " Mr. Cameron said and went away to meet some other people.

I kept the card in my wallet and walked back towards my house.

Never had I imagined Juliette to be so careless. If she would have stayed a little longer, definitely she would have passed out. Earlier, when my eyes fell on her shockingly I found myself praising the fact that indeed she looked beautiful in that dress of hers in the party. That color looked good on her.

Then I jerked out my thoughts thinking what in the world was I doing praising her when she was nothing but a headache for me. But no matter how much I tried to avoid her my eyes would automatically try to search her among the people. But I did notice her pale face and her closing her eyes in every minute as if she was trying to control her own body.

Finally when she closed her eyes and held her forehead I couldn't resist the need to ask what her problem was. Then she answered she was not feeling well. Her temperature was undoubtedly very high that it even shocked me how in the world did she last that long without passing out.

I rubbed my forehead and took long strides to reach her. I just hoped her to take those medicines and asleep by now. I am not very good in assisting people when they are sick or consoling people when they cry.

Turning the knob, I opened the door only to come before a sight which somehow blew my consciousness away.

There in my bed slept two figures. One was undoubtedly Juliette, as she slept soundly with the quilt covering her up to her chin while next to her slept a man whom I was sure that I had no clue on who he was. The quilt covered up to his bare chest as he slept with one hand under his head and another on his chest.

I took a step back and closed the door silently. I rubbed my forehead in aggravation and took a long deep breath to control myself not to murder in my own house.

I opened the door again and walked towards them. Silently I threw the quilt off from the man which immediately made him jerk up from his sleeping position. He stood up before me and looked at me in shock.

"It's not what you are thinking. Seriously, we weren't doing anything in your room" he said and turned around to leave but I stopped him by keeping a hand on his shoulder and immediately he tensed up under my touch.

I looked back at Juliette to see her stirring in her sleep but not wanting to wake her up, I took the quilt and covered her properly before gesturing the man silently walk out of the room a

eed to think what is right and what's wrong. I knew that you would pull such a trick on me. You made a mistake by pulling Juliette into this Gale, and mind it that man whom you allotted for all this is going to pay with his life only because of you" I promised.

"I'm sure Juliette will not like this if she gets to know what you did with that ma-" I cut him off "Don't involve Juliette into this. This is your last warning. If you weren't my mother's husband, I would have killed you for sure for such an act and be happy that I'm not telling anything about what you did to mom. It's only because she loves you and I don't want to see her sad. But next time you pull such a stunt, I will erase every single strand of you from this world and that my promise not a warning to you" I said and with one last glance towards him with hatred I went back into my bedroom.

I went near to where Juliette was sleeping and checked her temperature. I removed the quilt from her to find her sleeping in that same dress and with her shoes on. Reluctantly, I pulled her sandal off her feet and tucked her back using the quilt.

Sighing, I went to the couch and sat on it looking towards her way.

"You are lucky that you have no idea about my family" I paused a bit and then continued "and also about your own family too."


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