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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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Juliette Pov

I walked back into my room after taking a shower. My body got tensed seeing the boxes in my room. Sighing, I made my way towards the wardrobe with great difficulties because of the boxes and managed to pick out a floral print skirt which ended just below my knee and a black blouse.

Still, no briefs to wear.

I wore it and quickly tied my hair into a messy bun. Then I looked towards the boxes and pressed my mouth into a thin line thinking where to start from.

I thought to start from the smaller boxes. So, Jumping on the boxes I reached the middle where I saw the smaller boxes. I took one of them and using the pen that I found inside the wardrobe I tore its tape and opened the box to find just what I was looking.


I took out a garment and checked its size.

It was my size.

I smiled and took out a black lacy bra and an underwear and ran into the bathroom to wear it.

Back in my room, it took an hour to sort out all the smaller boxes. Some had makeup things while some have jewelry I took out a luggage bag and packed the necessities. Now it was time for the bigger boxes.

I took the pen and tore one of the boxes only to find clothes. There were many types of clothes. I took out two to three jumpsuits and some playsuits. I threw aside the mini skirts and the crop tops.

So finally I decided to take some Jumpsuits, Playsuits, jeans, tops, gowns, shifter dress, and some shirts.

I packed it all and looked back to one more box left.

I tore open the box and found shoes.

I took out a slipper again perfectly fitting me. I wonder how he knew my size. Then I took out a black stiletto and vans. I packed it and found the bag fully packed. I closed it with utmost difficulty and sat on the bed feeling tired. Then I looked at the mess in my room.

So I got up and kept all the boxes outside of my room. I was now able to breathe properly. The boxes in my room left no space for me to breathe properly. After I was done, I kept the heavy bag at the side of the bed and made the bed properly, changed the bed-sheet, taking a clean one from the wardrobe.

After I was done, I flopped onto the bed on my stomach and felt little relaxed. I wasn't feeling sleepy at all. I was just tired and hungry now.

He told me that he was going to take me to his family. I wonder what is his family like.

Sure I already have guessed it that he belongs to the mafia world so that means his family is also involved with him. In no way, a family will ever remain oblivious to the fact that one of their members is a cruel, ruthless mafia man who orders others using his gun point.

So I need to bear his mafia family too?

I am sure everyone in his family must be like him. Cold and cruel.

It's funny how every word that starts from the letter C perfectly fits his personality. Of course his negative personalities.

The door of my room opened and I looked back over my shoulder to find Whitney holding a tray.

I instantly sat on my bed happily. She smiled at me and brought me my food. She placed it before me and bowed before walking out of the room. I munched on my food realizing how hungry I was. After I was done I took the plate and kept it on the tray and began to walk towards the door.

As I came out of my room, I found the boxes that I kept their previously disappeared. With a shrug, I headed towards the kitchen. I kept the dishes in the sink and turned around to leave but then stopped thinking I didn't have any other work to do. So I turned around and began to wash all the dishes wanting to save myself from the boredom.

"What are you doing?" I heard Whitney and looked towards her to find her looking at me in shock.

"Uh washing the dishes" I stated the obvious.

"No No!" she exclaimed horrified as she ran to me.

"You are not supposed to that" she tried to take the plate away from my hand.

"But why? I am just washing the dishes. What's the big deal in it?" I asked confused.

"The big deal is you are not the maid. She is" I looked towar

me with him by my waist.


He made me sit on the window side and I clenched my jaw removing the sunglasses and scarf.

Now there was no way for me to escape.

"If you don't know then let me tell you this is my Plane" I heard his voice and I stiffened hearing it.

"I see your every chance to escape went in vain for you, " He said in a calm tone but a hint of tease was evident which made my blood boil.

I balled my palms into a fist and clenched my jaw.

"Useless" I muttered but this time it was meant for me, not for him.

After sitting for Two and half an hour we landed.

I came to know that we were going to Romania.

Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport.

It was a surprise for me to know that Cluj was his hometown in Romania. I knew about Cluj. Cluj was relatively less than any other place in the level of crime and a man like Zachary lived here. I thought maybe he belonged from England or maybe the USA but I guess you can never judge anyone just from their name.

We were immediately circled by reporters as soon as we reached the airport.

"Mr. Sullivan who is she?" one of them asked.

"Mr. Sullivan is the rumor true that you got married secretly to your childhood sweetheart?" another one asked to which I scoffed at them.

"What is going on? Isn't he a criminal? Then why is he surrounded by reporters like he is a celebrity?" I thought to myself.

"Is she the girl Mr. Sullivan?"

"What was the reason for you get married secretly?"

They kept on shooting our pictures and bombarded us with questions which were utterly nuisance for me. Soon some guards encircled us and they pushed stubborn reporters out of the way.

"Mr. Sullivan! Mr. Sullivan, please answer to us" The reporters shouted trying to get to us only to be blocked by the guards.

Somehow we managed to get out of the airport and we got into our car to which the reporters ran after us when the car began to move. As we left them behind I looked back at Zachary thinking he might answer what was going on there but as usually I found him busy typing something on his phone. I crossed my arms across my chest and kept my mouth shut and waited patiently to wherever he was taking me.

I have learnt one thing from the day I met him that he is the worst husband in this world.


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