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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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Juliette Pov

I sat there wrapping my duvet around myself with wide eyes as I watched group of man entering my room after knocking two to three times.

My eyes fluttered open after I heard some knocking sounds on my door.

Without thinking I gave the permission to the person to Come in guessing it to be Whitney and closed my eyes sleeping back. But then I heard some sounds and my eyes fluttered open only to find a group of man entering into my room with some bags and some boxes keeping it on the floor.

"Wha- What are you all doing?" I asked as I broke out of the shock and wrapped the duvet more firmly to cover my body.

"Sorry for disturbing Ma'am but Mr. Sullivan asked us to keep all these boxes in your room" one of them spoke and turned around leaving the room.

I watched as more of them came into my room and they kept some other boxes before scurrying out of the room.

By this time my room was full of bags and boxes. I couldn't even see the floor. The room was that packed.

When all of them left I stood on the bed finding no place to walk on the floor. I took out the rubber band from my hand and hurriedly tied all my messy hair into a ponytail and took the cardigan from the bed side wearing it covering myself.

"What the hell is all this?" I whispered as I shook my head and kept a hand on my hips.

The door flew open and in walked with all his glory Zachary eyeing all the boxes and nodding to himself satisfied. He looked fresh. His hair was neatly combed back and it was still wet probably from his shower. He was wearing a full sleeved black plain shirt with his coat hanging on his arms and as always with a black pant and black shiny shoes.

"What the hell is all this and can't you knock before coming in?" I asked crossing my arms around my chest and glared at him.

"Last time I checked, it was supposed to be my place" he said and I rolled my eyes looking up biting my inner side of my mouth.

"I can walk in wherever and whenever I want. I don't need permission" he said and I scowled at his foolishness and chewed my inner side so harder that I swore I could feel bloody taste from that chewing.

"Oh yeah? Didn't your Mother teach you to knock before entering a woman's room?" I spoke sweetly. Very sweetly.

"Whatever!" He murmured and I huffed thinking that it was supposed to be mine line not his.

"And why the hell are you standing on that bed?" He asked looking up at me and I shrugged pointing towards the boxes.

"What are all these?" I asked shockingly politely.

He sighed and looked around all o

jumped up from the boxes hurriedly running into the bathroom.

I striped naked and stood in front of the mirror inspecting my body from every direction.

"Am I not attractive?" I asked to myself as I posed into a hot posture.

Last time I checked I never had to ask this question to myself. Ever.

Kiara and even Emmett always told me that I had an attractive figure. An attractive feminine silhouette.

My breasts were not that big as any bimbo but it looked good with round and full figure. My stomach was toned and flat because all of my Yoga and my butt was also not that big but it was enough what a man would want.

"He is not a man" I snapped pointing a finger at the mirror.

"Bloody hell he hurt my ego and confidence" I even screamed shouting at top of my lungs.

"Seen better" I mimicked his tone and kept my hands on my hips.

"I have seen better" I threw my hands on the air as I stepped under the shower and turning it on.

As the water touched my body I began to think whose body have I seen who can even compete with his.

"Emmett was good but I think Zac-" I hit my head "What is wrong with you? You are freaking comparing that egoistic man to your Emmett?" I scolded myself and shook my head turning the shower into Cold one.

"He is just a Stupid egoistic man who needs to learn how to be polite to everyone. Basically women. Especially me" I spoke to myself as I kept on ranting and shook my head at all his negativity which I suffered.

"Zachary Stupid Dog Sullivan" I grumbled to myself as I turned off the shower and wore the bathrobe throwing all my wet hair towards a side.


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