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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Juliette Pov

"How can you tell that?" He asked as his eyes twinkled mischievously and he smiled at my impatient look.

"I know everything about you. Now give it to me" I said as I raised my hands to take that gift which he was holding.

He brought a gift for me but the problem was he was finding it more of a fun to tease me by not giving it to me.

"Nope. I won't" he said as he raised the box higher in the air. I stood on my tip toe trying to get it but couldn't because of the height difference.

"Emmett!" I scowled at him and gave up crossing my hands over my chest frustrated.

"Fine! I am going" I said as I began to walk and as soon as I heard him shout for me to wait I inwardly smiled. This was the trick.

"Don't you want the gift?" He asked following me.

I shook my head negatively and looked around the park to find children running everywhere playing with each other. There laughter echoed my hear and I smiled looking at them.

"Aww! But I brought it for you" he pouted and I stopped on my tracks glaring at him.

"And You are not giving it to me" I said and he smiled. He came to me and stood behind my back wrapping his muscular arms around me and he gave that box to me.

I smiled and took it from him. While I unwrapped the box he kept his head on my right shoulder, his stubble touching my cheek and I could feel his hot breath fanning my ear.

"Oh my god!" I clamped my hand on my mouth.

Tears pooled my eyes and I couldn't belief my own eyes.

Inside the box was a very elegant and expensive yet traditional necklace and it was not just some necklace, it was his mother's necklace.

It was his family's traditional which was passed down to every generation, to every new bride.

"It's It's.." I stammered not finding words to describe how beautiful the necklace was.

"Beautiful?" He completed for me and I nodded smiling as I trailed my finger over the jwellery.

"But not as beautiful as you are" he said his cheesy line and I blushed but nevertheless elbowed him lightly on his rib.

"But I don't understand. Why are you giving this to me?" I questioned as I turned around to face him.

He gave me a wholehearted smile and I raised my eyebrow questionably.

"Do you know why I love you so much?" He asked and I gave him a blank look.

"Because" he kept his hands on my shoulders and bent down maintaining our eye level "You are so innocent and naive. So pure" he told me and I couldn't help but to blush deep red at his comment.

I felt him kiss my cheeks and the next moment I found him kneeling on one leg on the ground.

I gasped as my he

to wear this as I didn't have any other clothes to wear. It is what I got from that wardrobe and I wore it because I couldn't roam around naked.

I composed myself and walked back to my bed. I crawled back into my bed and lied down on my belly and stuffed my head into the pillow.

"Is it necessary for you to embarrass yourself before him every time?" I scolded myself and flipped back staring blankly at the ceiling fan.

"Please Don't fall on me" I found myself talking to the damn non living ceiling fan.

Its squeaking sound disturbed me, giving me a headache and at the same time made me worried.

"Fall on him" I spoke pointing towards the door.

"Fall on his head then maybe he will get some senses into his thick skull" I spoke and stretched my hands and legs.

"I hate him and you should also hate him. He is not repairing you after all. What is your life?" I yawned and rubbed my eyes feeling sleepy.

"Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! is all that you do" I turned to my side wrapping my hands around myself.

"Stupid Zachary"

"Stupid Ceiling fan"

I drifted off to sleep.

You both can go to hell.



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