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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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Juliette Pov

I jolted up from my sleep when I heard something breaking and lot of noise.

"What the heck?" I said as I rubbed my eyes and pushed back the strands of hair which were falling on my eyes disturbing me.

"Shut up!" I heard some one yelling.

"What's going on?" I asked myself as I got up from the bed and made my way towards the door. Turning the door knob, I huffed out a sigh of relief when I found it unlocked.

"Should I check What is going on there?" I found myself questioning myself.

Opening the door, I peeped my head out to look around. When I found nobody, I took a step out and then slowly walked out of the room, closing the door slowly in the process.

"I said Shut up or else I will.." I heard yelling again and I began to follow the voice.

I heard lot of crashing and thrashing sounds.

"What was seriously going on?" now I was beginning to feel worried and little scared hearing all those sounds.

I walked towards the left corridor and then I reached a room whose door was closed.

"How the hell is that possible?"

"I don't know anything just f*cking find him"

"You have a week in your hand. If you don't give me his details in this week then I am gonna blow your head out of your body. Do you Understand?"

The person yelled and answering him, I heard a quite "Yes Sir!" probably from the people who were inside.

It took me few seconds to recognise the person who was yelling as Zachary.

But whom does he want to find this bad?

The question lingered on my mind.

I stood there listening and thinking to their conversation when I couldn't register the door infront of me being open and before me stood a very strong built men with blood shot eyes looking pissed probably finding me eavesdropping.

"Oh No!" I muttered.

"Who are you?" He snarled as he took hold of my arm and shooked me with all his power that for one second I thought I was going to dislocate my arm from my shoulder.

"Ah hey leave me!" I

!" He responded waving back a little.

I gave him a small smile and turned around to leave. I took slow steps and as soon as I crossed the main corridor, I ran.

I ran using my full strength back to my room.

Reaching my room, I closed the door shut and relaxed a little. I was panting badly due to fear and as well as the physical exercise I just did.

"How many times am I going to survive all this?" I screamed looking upwards.

"Answer me God. Please!" I begged.

"It is better to die than suffering all this again and again" I spoke to myself as I rubbed my head frustrated.

It was aching now.

"God! Somebody please give me a pain killer" I mumbled as I felt pain on my arm which was now starting to bruise due to Max.

"Great! In just two days I got all this fresh ugly Bruises" I muttered examining my arm. Some bruises were from Zachary and some were from Max.

"Why am I leaving behind? Let me bruise myself too!" I yelled as I punched my arm and held it tightly wanting to bruise it.

"My Wife!" I mocked in Zachary's Voice as I punched the door using my fist.

"Damn! Ow!" I cried as I examined my knuckles which had some scratches now.

"First aid Kit too! God please!"


That match was a draw that day.

Awww Cristiano Ronaldo.

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