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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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Juliette Pov

"Ma'am? Ma'am?" I heard someone and I jolt up from my bed alarmed.

Running the sleepiness out of my eyes I looked here and there to find the person. I saw the same maid from before standing near my bedpost holding a tray looking at me without any expression.

She must be in her late fifties and it is really astonishing that a lady like her not to show any emotions.

"I am sorry to wake you but you need to eat your food" she placed the tray before me and bowed before leaving.

My stomach rumbled seeing the food. Opening the lid of the dish I was hit by strong aroma of coffee and scrambled eggs. Without wasting any more minute I took the fork and started to eat like a maniac. Savouring each bite and sip.

When I was done I kept the tray down on the floor and unwrapped the towel which was still wrapped on my hair. My hair was still damp. I went to wardrobe and took out a comb which I saw earlier to comb my hair. After struggling to detangle all the tangles I combed my hair to the side and tied it using a rubber band.

"What should I do now?" I asked to myself as I began to pace around the room.

I looked at the clock on the wall to see it's already evening. I was beginning to feel suffocated. Who locks someone inside a room with no window?

I decided to one thing which I am used of since I have been brought here.

Bang on the door till someone lets me out.

"Let me out!" I banged on the door shouting like a maniac.

"Open the door! Any body there? Let me out!"

"Hey! Is anyone listening to me? Let me out please" I shouted on the top of my voice.

I banged continuously intentionally. If any one was out there then she or he would definitely get irritated by this and would definitely let me out.

"Open the d-" I was cut off when I found the door knob turning so I took a step back for the person to open the door.

I guess I should have never banged the door because there stood the murderer himself with an angry expression and he looked ready to kill me.

"Why in the world are you banging the door like a maniac?" He took menacing steps as he glared at me.

I decided not to show him that I was afraid of him. Well I was actually, but he doesn't need to know.

"Well that's because someone locked me inside this room with no windows and I was feeling suffocated" I spoke confidently as I glared back at him.

He was wearing

ft without looking back at me.

I exhaled out air which I didn't knew that I holding and slowly closed the door. I was satisfied that at least I wasn't locked inside. Its not that I was planning to escape or something but every time I get myself locked I feel suffocated. It's from my childhood.

Moreover, I don't plan on escaping soon. I will one day actually but not now. Not until I get what I want.

"Answers and revenge" I spoke determined to get what I truly want.

With that I closed the door and went back to my bed to sleep which I have been doing a lot since I have met this man.


But the first thing I want to do is to contact my family. I need to know what happened there after I left. About Emmett specially.

My heart ached realising what would have happened to him. But before I would start to cry again somehow I controlled myself and took deep breaths to calm myself down. I didn't want my tears to go valueless any longer.

If anything I want is only to take bit by bit revenge for my every sufferings and tear.

"You will have it Zachary"

"I don't care why you did that but you are going to pay for it".

"This is my promise" I swore as I lied down on the bed and tried to sleep.

"Zachary Udolf Sullivan".


Dedicated to a reader of mine.

Sorry for the small chapter.

It's just 10:05 pm now and I am waiting patiently for the clock to hit 11:30 so that I could watch my favourite player that is C. Ronaldo play for Euro cup

I love him not romantically ofcourse just a big fan of him.

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