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   Chapter 3 NO.3

Irresistible Invitations By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 1562

Updated: 2018-06-26 16:57

Hello Everyone, So Here is an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

I have kept this story in "PRIVATE"

That means only my followers can read it....

Don't worry you can still read the story...

Just follow this important steps.

1. Unfollow me (if you are following me)

2. Delete the story from your reading list.

3. Follow me (again :P)

4. Keep the desired story on your reading list (it will be refreshed)

5. If it still doesn't work then PM me...


PM me... don't write on my message board. (PM means Private message)

And Try log in and out... before pm ing me

And you are back to read it.

I know most of you will be annoyed by this but I am doing this for my own story safety. I have been reported by various readers that my story has been copied.. No

t fully but some parts of it. It means Plagiarism....And now I will be knowing who is reading my story and who is doing what...

Also, I will be knowing who is Voting and who is not.

For that, You only need to follow me. You can always unfollow me after the story is over. It's your own wish... But from now on all of my story in wattpad will be Private.

So Follow me... Add it to your reading list....Read it..

So Simple.

And one thing.

I am very busy right now with my Uni's Annual Sports meeting, then it will be my Uni's Tech Fest!! (oh I'm so excited).... Then it will be my branch Project work... So updates will be every Friday, Probably Night time.

But keep Voting because who knows I may update if I'm extremely Happy!! Haha



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