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   Chapter 39 Sudden Endearment

You Kissed My Soul By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 9402

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Aderyn Pov

My eyes opened a little bit and I could see a room. Everything was blurry to me and I was feeling sleepy. I didn't wanted to go back to sleep yet my body gave up and I found myself slipping back into darkness.

I groaned feeling thirsty and tried to stretch my hands towards the nightstand in search of water bottle. I always keep a water bottle before sleeping. I found none. Groaning, I tried to open my eyes. It was still heavy. As soon as I opened my eyes it shut itself back immediately affected by the light coming from the curtains. I rubbed the back of my hand on my eyes and slowly tried to open them again adjusting to the surrounding and it is then when I noticed.

"It is not my room" I found myself talking to myself.

I looked around and to my utmost surprise, I found myself back in the room in none other than Dylan's house.

"Oh my lord!"

Quickly getting myself out of the bed I ran towards the window and looked outside.

"Same place".

"Shit! What just happened? How did I get here?"

I couldn't remember anything. So, I tried to remember what could have happen.

The first scene that came into my mind was Dylan kissing me. I blushed remembering it. So I shook my head getting myself on track. Then we had our lunch, then I went for a walk. I was feeling sleepy while I was walking. I remember the last thing and I opened my eyes raking a head through my messy hair.

And the last thing I remember was Dylan standing next to me.

"You got to be kidding me" I laughed incredulously.

He drugged me just to bring me back here.

"How dare he?" I muttered and stormed off to get some sense into his thick skull.

Dashing towards his room which I remembered from the last time I came here I tied my messy hair into a messy bun using the band from my hand and wiped my face angrily.

When I reached his room I was about to knock and when I thought why to show etiquette when he himself doesn't have any idea how to behave with other person. So I stormed into his room and what I found angered me even more.

There in the middle of the bed he slept sprawled and tangled with his sheets soundlessly. His bare back on display as he slept only wearing his trousers.

I wanted to run to him and jump on his back wanting to give him a sore back but I controlled myself. That would be too childish. I took deep breaths in and out closing my eyes to calm my anger and then I opened them thinking that I was relaxed but as soon as his face came into my view all my calmness went out of the room and I practically ran to his bed wanting to at least scratch his face.

I was just about to hit his back when out of nowhere he caught my hand without even opening his eyes catching me off-guard.

"Let go!" I tried to free my hand using my other hand.

He didn't res

s look huffing out air.

What the...

"Are we playing word games here? stop distracting me. You freaking drugged me?" I accused him to which he just shrugged.

"You didn't leave me any other option" he stated calmly as a matter of fact.

"What part of me not wanting to come back did you not understand?" I yelled

"Why are not understanding this simple fact that I don't want to do anything with yo-" he didn't let me finish "Enough".


"Enough now. You are here now and you are my mate"

I threw my hands in the air "Again with all this mate thing".

"Whether you like it or not you have to be here. Beside me so that I could protect you"

"Dylan I don't want you to protect me. I can take care of myself perfectly fine. If you are forgetting then let me remind you I grew up without anyone's help just by myself. It was only me. So I can ensure you that I can take care of myself" I yelled at him.

"I can live alone. It's not that I like living alone but I am already habituated of it and you are invading my personal space Dylan and I don't like it".

I huffed out air and waited for him to speak but he remained rooted to his position watching me calmly and then he spoke "You need to change that".

I gave him a confused look.

"Habits can be changed".

"You don't need to live alone when I am there for you".

He took his hand which I previously bit, to his mouth placing a kiss on it as I watched him with an accelerated heart and with widening eyes.

"Stop being so stubborn and for once let me in" his eyes reflecting his sincerity.

As I was walking back to my room his words remained echoing in my head and I found myself determined to go away from him. Because if I didn't stay away from him then I could possibly risk myself into the worst which I could ever think of.

And that is risk of falling in love with him.

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