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   Chapter 37 The Little Moment

You Kissed My Soul By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 9594

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Dylan Pov

"What in the world is wrong with me?" I whispered as I looked myself into the mirror.

Back there, I just lost my control over myself. Damn only the mere thought of other male doesn't matter if it is a human or werewolf angers me.

I can not stand any other male touching whats mine. Aderyn is my mate and she is mine.

I would've killed that man out there if Aderyn didn't stop me in the right time.

"Damn! You can't just loose your control over yourself. You are a King" I spoke to myself through the mirror.

Finally I splashed some water on my face and wiped it using a towel and walked out of the bathroom to her bedroom.

Her scent filled my nose and I felt myself getting even more relaxed. I inhaled her smell and sat on her bed.

I could hear what they were talking downstairs.

Something about her being a coach.

"Hmm interesting!" I said and fell back on my back listening to there conversation.

"She doesn't seem interested" I said to myself when I heard her not giving him positive reply.

I got up from the bed and looked around her room.

It was a simple yet modern room with a Queen sized bed, attached bathroom, a wardrobe, a long body height mirror attached to the wall. The walls were painted purple and beige. An art of a woman holding a pen on her lips was drawn on her wall behind her bed.

Two photo frames were hanged on the wall and I got up from the bed walking to it. One was her family photo, in which she looked very small sitting with her family members on a beach. The other one was her winning a match holding a cup.

I frowned a little when I took in the photo. What got my attention was a woman behind her looking at her in a weird way. Not bad but not even good way.

That woman looked confused and lost in thoughts as she looked at my Aderyn.

"Woah! My Aderyn? Where does that come from?" I composed myself and took a step back looking at that woman behind Aderyn suspicioulsy. No one could've ever noticed her there but my werewolf sight helped me in this.

I shrugged it off when I heard that man whose name was George living but not before joking that He is afraid of me which made Aderyn laugh.

I rolled my eyes on this.

"Ofcourse who would'nt?" I thought and walked down to find her closing the door.

She turned around and I found myself speaking "Go pack!" to which she rolled her eyes and then screamed "Urg not again!"

Then she marched past me mumbling "I am not going anywhere".

I was being desperate now. I wanted her to go back with me to my home.

But she just doesn't understand.

I followed her to her room where I found her raising her top which means she was going to change but she stopped mid air with her bare hips on my view.

"What are you doing? Get out" she screamed but I wasn't able to take in her words. The only thing which was visible to me w

r heart beat rising even more.

She knew what I was going to do and what I wanted. She could have stopped me but she didn't for which I also didn't stop myself any longer.

I closed the gap between us and finally touched her inviting lips, with mine. She didn't react. I brushed her lips with mine at first but then began to kiss her. It was a new feeling. I could feel sparkings and tingles running over my skin as I grew even more hungry for her.

The mate bond was working.

She didn't respond. So, I tightened my grips on her body and tilted my head to get more access as I kissed her hungrily and passionately. Soon she began to respond and she held my shirt even more tightly kissing me back.

It was growing even more tempting as we kissed each other even more passionately. I knew the mate bond was working on her too. She wanted me as much I wanted her but I knew she was confused. She was confused on why she was doing this.

Well I will explain all of this to her later so I concentrated on her more and bit down on her bottom lips asking for entrance. She didn't respond but when I was sure she would give me my permission, breaking of glasses was heard by two of us and followed by it some curses.

Immediately Aderyn came back to her senses and pulled herself away from me. I loosened my grip on her let her go. Her eyes were widened and I noticed the glowing tint of pink rising her cheek. She looked shocked and at the same time flushed.

"Oh no!" I heard Greta shouting from downstairs.

She probably broke something.

Aderyn came back to senses and averted her gaze shying away from me. She pushed herself up and stood up running out of the room.

While she ran away I leaned against the bed and looked towards the door where she just ran away.

A smile broke on my face as I touched my lips which were still tingling due to the incident that happened just few seconds ago.

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