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   Chapter 35 The Revealation

You Kissed My Soul By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 10534

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Aderyn Pov

"Now speak up!" I said as I tapped my foot impatiently on the floor.

"Why are you so impatient?" Dylan complained as he styled his hair using his hand. I looked at him through the mirror and then glared at him.

"Yeah! Yeah! Your hair is perfect already. Leave it and will you answer my questions now?" I asked as I waited for him to speak.

"Oh shut up already" I heard him mutter and I stomped my feet.

"Fine!" I gave up and turned back walking out of his room, means my room.

"What will you have for Breakfast Lu- uh Aderyn?" Greta asked and I gave her an incredulous look.

"So, now you are asking what to make for breakfast? You never asked me before so why now?" I questioned

She stood quietly waiting for my reply.

"Fine! Make whatever you want" I said as I walked towards the living room and sat on the sofa leaning against it and closed my eyes.

"How is your leg?" I heard Dylan's voice after some minutes.

I kept quiet not answering his question. If he can't answer my question then why should I?

I heard him sighing and minutes later some shuffling sound. Still I didn't bother to open my eyes.

I felt him touching my sprained leg. Immediately, tingles formed wherever he touched and the fact that I was wearing a short pant which ended up on my knee didn't help.

My palms formed into a fist as I struggled myself from any kind of reaction due to his mere touch.

"Its still swollen" he muttered probably examining my foot.

He kept my leg on his thigh and began to trace on it using his finger, sending more tingles and this time I curled my toes not able to stop myself from controlling the weird feeling.

"I know you are having a tingling sensation wherever I touch" he spoke out of the blue.

"What the-" how did he know that? I thought to myself.

"And you must be thinking how did I know that right? Cause I can feel it too" he said I furrowed my eyebrows questionably still not opening my eyes.

"Feel it too?" I found myself whispering.

"Bell must have told you everything about us. Probably everything. But there is still something you still do not know and she left it for me to explain it to you".

Hearing about Bell my heart warmed up and even clenched. I didn't meet to bid her goodbye when I left. She must be very sad as well as angry upon me. Anyone in her place would have reacted the same way.

"You know right I am also a werewolf? Not just some werewolf but Alpha of Alphas. The King" he spoke as he held my foot and rubbed it using his palms.

Though it was aching, but his touch was like soothing it.

"Every werewolf needs a mate. A mate is a soul mate of a werewolf. At first I use to think that I would never have a mate like other werewolves. I already has so much responsibilities upon me that I never even thought about it."

"You know everything about my past right?" He asked and unknowingly applied pressure on my foot which made me to wince in pain.

"Sorry. I am so sorry" his voice was filled with regret as he tried to ease the pain slowly rubbing on that foot.

I knew he did that unintentionally. His past was a very sensitive topi


My throat went dry and I raised my eyebrow smiling or should I say tried to smile still shocked.

"T-That's Great. Wow! Uh great! Yes good I mean uh Congrats!" I spoke not finding any words.

"You really found your mate?" I asked again trying to re-confirm.

"Yes I found my mate" he replied and it was all for my heart to clench in pain once again.

"Good!" I muttered.

"So, where is she? I mean you are here because you found her here right?" I asked.

He shooked his head negatively.

"No, I found her few months ago but I was just not accepting it. I was pushing her away from me" he replied as he again began to rub my foot with his big palms.

"Why did you do that?" I scowled hearing that he was pushing her away.

"Because I was an Idiot!" He replied and his answer surprised me.

"Wow! You are already changing huh? So, this is her effect?" I asked

"Yes. You can say that" he laughed a little.

"Tell me about her" I asked even though I didn't want to hear anything about his mate.

"About her? Umm what should I say? She is beautiful. I just love her smile. Whenever I see her smiling, my heart begins to beat even faster.

"Hmm" I said not wanting to say anything.

"She is really inspirational. You will always learn new things about her."

I nodded my head.

"The most important part about her is that she is really brave. I mean nobody stands a chance against her."

"That's why your wicket is down already" I muttered to myself but he heard me "Yes totally. I agree to that."

"Great! You found your match! Congratulations! So, you two sing song enjoy now. What are you doing here? Here in my house?" I asked and suddenly I didn't know why but I was really irritated as well as angry.

"Yeah! I was going to that part" he said while I crossed my hands across my chest uninterested.

"I am here to take back my mate with me" he said and I raised my eyebrows confused.

"Take back? Where is she?" I asked confused.

"Right before me. She is sitting right before my eyes" he said and smiled when he saw my wide eyes.

"Aderyn my mate."

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