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   Chapter 53 Wrath of the King

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Blake Pov

Everything was going perfectly. The kingdom found its Queen, my king was happy after a long period time, he finally found his own family until the incident that turned our lives upside down. Nobody would have ever guessed that this would happen nor anyone would ever have imagined to even witness this.

But what we are witnessing now, one would only pray to the heavenly lords yo never witness this ever in its lifetime. The wrath of our king.

It happened so fast that no one could do anything. The destruction before me is what no one would ever wish to see. Our king, Dylan Black Bishop in his destruction form emitting his power out of his body in a horrendous way. Scary, terrible extremely unpleasant were the words to describe our king in the moment.

He looked ready to destroy everything. Every single little thing.

I was just returning back to the spot where I had left Cole the last time but what I saw made me all shocked and for the first time in my life I felt fear and scared because Cole was the strongest one in the kingdom and his condition told something different.

Who did this to him?

I saw a wolf body lying from far and from the smell I understood that it was Cole's wolf Spenvee. But what made me cringe was the smell of blood so, I hurried to him and there in the ground was Spenvee huffing out blood and was barely breathing. There were three claw marks on its rib and fresh blood was oozing out of its legs.

"Spenvee! Spenvee" I yelled as I knelt down next to it and took its head on my lap.

"Cole! Do you hear me? What happened?" I cried but Cole's wolf answered in a whimper and blood dripped out of its mouth on my lap to the ground.

"What the?"

"Who this to you?" I cried and tried to pat the wolf's head trying to make it open its eyes but it didn't. But it was still breathing. My heart feared for its best friend. Cole and I were always together even longer than Dylan. Cole was my first best friend. We turned into shapeshifters together, we fought and practiced together, we even worked out together and today seeing the strongest werewolf alive in this earth in such a condition made me feel scared all of a sudden.

I decided to mind link King immediately explaining about Cole, that he is just not opening his eyes. This is bad. Because the kingdom is celebrating at the moment and every single powerful alphas of the world are present in the ceremony. If anything happens to them than the whole werewolf kind will be in danger.

But most importantly I fear for our queen, Aderyn. If anything happens to her, the king would lose it.

I told King in the mind link about everything but I was shortly cut off from the link when I heard people screaming.

"D-Danger" I heard Cole's voice in my mind.

"Cole! What happened buddy? You alright? Please open your eyes!" I yelled.

"S-Save h-her!" he said and I saw as Spenvee began to shape shift back into its human form.

"Cole!" I cried as soon as Cole's human form appeared before me.

"Cole! Cole! Open your eyes" I begged.

"Th-ey want her. T-They want to destroy our K-King!" he said in the mind link.

"Who is it? Cole!" I yelled and took out a handkerchief from my pocket. Though it was just a mere piece of cloth I used it by applying it against Cole's rib were blood was oozing out.

"Why is it not healing Cole?" I asked confused because the wound should have healed in a normal case.

"Take me to King!" he whispered.

"Open your eyes!" I ordered.

"I can't! It's important! Take me to King e-else we all shall die" he whispered making a chill run down m

d of any emotions.

"I feel scared now. I don't ever want to witness his power again, " she whispered.

Exactly after three more hours of waiting, we saw a light forming like a wave and it fell on us. We all heard a faint voice saying "Come back!"

We all walked back towards the house. Some were limping, while some still looked terrified thinking what if King is still not in control, and some looked in a hurry because they desperately wanted to see their King.

Like them, I was too scared but remembering my post and my duties I held up myself and prepared myself for whatever I was going to see.

I vowed that I would serve the king until the end, and it was what I was going to do.

When we reached there, we saw all the witches surrounding someone. It was undoubtedly King's body. At first, I thought maybe his power drained out of his body for emitting so much and now he was laying there unconscious but I was proved wrong.

My heart clenched in pain and in anger seeing his condition. After ages, I was again seeing him in such a condition.

He laid down on the grassy ground crying. Our King was devastated for the loss of his only love. For the loss of his only happiness, for his only family. Aderyn.

Tears trickled down his eyes as he stared blankly towards the sky crying and sobbing not caring that he was pouring his emotions out, nor caring that everyone was watching him, not caring that he was being weak at the moment.

"Come back to me Aderyn. Please, " he whispered.

My fist formed into a ball and my jaws locked tightly in anger. I wasn't angry because he was being weak but on them who made my king like this. When I looked towards my side to see other people's reaction, I saw the same thing in their eyes. Revenge was what one could read from their facial expression.

They wanted revenge because someone has hurt their king. They all looked ready to kill because someone has caused harm to their King and Queen.

Nobody held pity or sympathy for the king's loss but there was a mutual promise between all the werewolves that they need to pay.

At the moment I came to know one thing. If someone harms the kingdom, the King saves his kind and people but if someone harms the King, the kingdom comes down to the field with only one thing in mind. Revenge for hurting our King.


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