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   Chapter 52 Gone

You Kissed My Soul By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 9387

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Dylan Pov

"Congratulations King" Marc the Alpha of Bloodmoon pack said and I nodded.

"We are finally having our Queen after a long period of time, " he said and the other Alphas nodded in agreement.

"It's looks like we will never get our turn to greet our new Queen" Alex the Alpha of Darkwolves pack said looking behind me and we looked following his gaze to see Aderyn circled by the Lunas of the different pack.

She kept on looking here and there as the Lunas bombarded her with their questions. She was having trouble answering everyone's answer.

I sipped the wine from my glass and smirked at her when she looked towards me.

"What are you doing there? Come here and save me" she yelled at me through mind link.

"Why? I thought you were brave and you could handle almost everything in this world. So..?" I teased her and chuckled when she glared at me.

"Dylan" she warned.

"It looks like our King is having a personal conversation with our Queen" Marc said making the others laugh.

"No it's not like that, " Alex said and we turned towards him.

"He is looking at her probably thinking how to get her alone. I mean cmon we all know what happens when somebody is introduced to the pack. But here it's totally different, it's our King and the Queen. So.." he said and everyone looked at me.

"He is right. It's finally the time to mate" Black said hoping here and there wiggling his tail in my mind.

"Indeed!" I said and sipped my wine glancing at Aderyn's way.

She looked at me still answering the Lunas question and raised her eyebrow at me questionably for why I was looking at her.

I smirked at her to which she narrowed her eyes at me.

"What's with your smirk?" she asked.

"You will know, " I said and turned around towards the Alphas.

"Excuse me, " I said and they all nodded.

I walked back towards the house and mind linked Blake.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Yes! Everything is under check here" he said. He was out on patrolling again.

"Good. Time to swap the guards and the Betas. The Betas need some rest now. Ask them to return back to the house. They can meet their Queen at night. Replace the warriors in their place and Cole will be leaving for your place in some minutes, you can retreat back too" I said.

"As you say, King, " he said and I frowned.

"You are calling me King a lot lately, " I said and heard him chuckling.

"That's because you gave the most desirable gift to the kingdom. The Queen" he said and I smiled at it.

"It's all thanks to you two actually. If it weren't for you and Cole then I probably would have lost Aderyn from the beginning. I was fool back then" I said and heard his laughter.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"Nothing! It's just really rare to hear you agreeing on your faults" he said and

he said running after me.

"No! Stay here" I said but she got hold of my hand stopping me.

"What's going on Dylan? I am coming with you" she said adamantly.

"Aderyn, " I said and held her by her arms.

"You need to stay here okay? I will just go and see what's happening out there. But I need you safe. Please remain here until I come back for you" I told her and before she could say anything, I lowered myself down and pecked her lips and then on her forehead.

"Stay here!" I said and though I didn't want to leave her, I had to.

"It's not good. I smell blood" Black said and he stood up from his position alarmed ready to change if needed.

I ran out of the house and was shocked as well devastated to see the scenario in front of me.

Some people were lying on the ground senseless while some were turned into their wolf forms. Some looked injured and the human mates were crying seating next to their mate's bloodied form.

"What's going on?" I muttered.

"King! King!" I heard Blake mind linking me.

"Blake?" I answered.

"King" he sobbed in the mind link and it worried me even more.

"It's Cole. Cole is not opening his eyes" he sobbed and was just going to ask what has happened, I sensed Aderyn behind me.

"Dylan!" She said as she looked at the people before her.

"Aderyn!" I called and she took a step towards me.

One moment she was before me and the other moment she was nowhere in sight.

I stood there shocked and in confusion thinking what just happened. But when it registered what just happened the ground beneath me rocked and trembled for I was angry. Mad, that my mate was taken away from me before my own eyes, within my territory.

"Aderyn" I screamed her name with my power radiating off my body like a tsunami hitting the place causing destruction.


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