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   Chapter 50 Silence before the Storm

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Dylan Pov

"Is everything ready for the ceremony?" I asked Cole who was busy going through some stacks of papers probably a list.

"Yes Alpha" he said and handed me the paper.

"What is it?" I asked scanning through the paper.

"Your sign is needed for allowing every Alpha to enter the Kingdom".

"Okay" I muttered and read the paper. When I was satisfied I put my signature on it and gave it back to him.

"Very well. Now what else?" I asked as I rotated the pen between my fingers.

"No it was all" he said and I nodded looking out of the window to find a dark cloud surrounding my kingdom.

"Strange! It's going to rain I think" I whispered but due to werewolf hearing capability Cole heard me and he hummed in response.

"I don't like this weather" he said and I nodded in agreement.

"Where is Blake?" I asked as I looked towards him.

"He is on patrolling".

"King!" suddenly I heard Blake's voice trying to connect me in my mind.

"King" he called again.

"What's wrong Blake?" I asked sitting attentively on my seat.

"I think there is something wrong" he said and I saw Cole giving me a questioning look. He was too in the mind link and he could hear everything that Blake said.

"What do you mean?" Cole asked through the mind link.

"I was patrolling through this area near to the stream when I sensed something weird" Blake responded and the way he said I knew there was really something disturbing.

"What type of weird thing?" I asked

"When I was passing by the streams I felt as if I was being watched. So I stopped in my track and looked around for anything suspicious but found none. So at first I shrugged it off thinking I was just being paranoid or something but then.."

"Then what?" Cole asked looking impatient.

"Then when I went towards the stream to drink water I sensed someone behind me but as soon as I turned around I found no one. But the weird part is I smell bloody rusty smell near this area. I have checked each and every corner here but I found nothing suspicious but still it's like mind is telling me that something is wrong in here. My wolf seems agitated all of a sudden".

I stood up from my seat feeling panicked " Cole where is Aderyn?" I asked with worry filled in my voice. Suddenly I wanted to see my mate. The feeling was killing me. I was being anxious all of a sudden. I was being anxious to avoid any trouble.

"She is outside" he said as he walked towards the window to look out.

"With whom?" I asked as panicked filled my emotions and my wolf paced around agitated. We both were feeling uneasy now.

"With no one" I didn't even let him finish because the very next moment I used all my strength to reach Aderyn wherever she was.

"Alpha!" I knew Cole was beh

y from Cole.

"Keep an eye on the perimeter and alert everyone. Something is off. Until I find it ask everyone to stay inside the house and also ask alert Bell and Jenny to guard Aderyn. No one except for them is to allowed near Aderyn until I ask for it" Black said and Cole said a "Yes" before doing as he was told to do.

"Lily!" Black mind linked Lily and immediately a startled "Yes Alpha" came as a reply.

"Guard your Queen from distance" Black ordered and heard her "Yes" before disconnecting the link.

"Should we cancel the ceremony?" Darroy asked to which Black growled lowly.

"No. The ceremony will be held tomorrow. It will be better if we get the other wolves knowing about there Queen. They will join and will want to keep their Queen safe which will be good for the Kingdom and as well as Aderyn."

"But before that" Black closed it's eye gathering all the elemental power he had.

"I need to purify this place" he said and opened it's eyes which were now turned into red glowing ones and as soon as it's eyes opened a wave of power hit the place surrounding the wood and nearby.

"Purify" Black howled and the power stroke the wood and the stream in lightening speed cocooning the area into a wave of sound and light purifying the air.

A gash formed on Black's paw for using so much strength in one motion. It lowered it's head and licked it's nozzle before huffing and panting lightly.

"Are you alright King?" Darroy asked as it sat on it's hind leg looking worried.

"I will be when I find the source" Black said in his thicker beastly tone before standing straight with it's head high.

"And when I find it" Black's red eyes glowed with anger "I will shred it into pieces destroying it for even thinking of to intrude into my territory."


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