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   Chapter 47 Obsessed upon making you mine

You Kissed My Soul By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 9894

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Dylan Pov

I kept on pacing around my room thinking what to do. What was it that I saw? Is it true? No! it can't be.

But Cyreana's predicted imminent vision can never be wrong.

I sat down on my bed pulling my hair. It's been three days since that incident, where life took a new turn, where once again every dream that I saw that I thought would come true was snatched away from me. But most importantly I felt as if my life was being taken away from me. A part of me was being teared away from me and there was nothing I could do.

Curse all this powers that I have. It's no use to me when I can't keep or save the most important person in my life. Suddenly, I felt suffocated and I coughed patting my chest. There is this uneasiness growing inside me thinking what if Aderyn goes away from.

"No!" I found myself whisper.

"Dylan?" I heard her voice from the outside of my door.

Since three days, I have refused to let anyone into my room neither I myself got out of my room. But Aderyn didn't give up on me. She would come and knock on my door asking about me. She would bring me food which she would take back when I refused to open the door. At one point she even pleaded me to open the door but I didn't.

It hurts me to hurt her but what can I do? I don't want to face her. I knew I was being a coward and selfish only thinking about my pain what can I do?

I was suppose to protect her and save her but...

"Dylan open the door" she pleaded. I could hear the urgency in her voice.

"Dylan!" she knocked harder.

"Are you hurt?" I heard her soft voice.

"Dylan are listening to me?" she asked and paused for a while. From my werewolf hearing ability I heard her taking sharp intakes. She was crying.

It pained me to know that I was the reason for her condition.

"Is her life is in danger because of me?" I thought feeling guilty.

"Dylan I know everything" she hiccuped "Cyreana told me everything what you saw" she said and I heard her heart beating wildly.

"Cyreana!" I cursed.

Damn! That woman can never lie. She probably gave up to her Queen.

"But Dylan you can never stop what's meant to happen right? Perhaps it's my fate. Dylan you can not give up on your present just by thinking about tomorrow right? Please let me in Dylan. Are you listening to me? Future is unpredictable. You can't just do it to yourself. Think about your people. They need you. They need their King to be strong" she whispered.

"And about me? Can't you see that I need you to survive? Without you I'm incomplete" I cried to myself.

"Dylan please remain strong. This will pass and I know that everything will be back to normal. Please let me in!" she cried banging on the door.

When I didn't respond she went away after a while but I knew she was hurt.

I sighed and went inside my attached bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror to find a broken man standing. His eyes were bloodshot red, he looked like a mess with his

n't think that I am read-" I cut her off "Don't worry love it will take just some few hour to complete the mating process. You won't feel a thing" I said as I crashed my lips against her trying to dominate her.

"Dylan!" she pushed me away "Do you even know what you are saying?" she asked as she started to struggle her arms to get herself free.

"I don't want to wait any longer. Marking you will make you secure" I said as I took hold hold of her hand and folded it backwards.

"Ouch Dylan!" she struggled.

"Sorry love. Just stay still. You are making it hard for me. I know I am forcing you but it is for your own safety. I can't see you away from me" I confessed and placed my forehead against her.

"Dylan please let me go! I don't want to do this. I am not ready" she begged as tears escaped her eye.

"Sssh! Sssh! Love please don't cry. I am not going to hurt you" I said and took hold of both o her hand in my one hand and used another to get rid of her the buttons of her shirt and freed the part where I was going to mark her.

"You are! You are hurting me right now" she said and raised her knee to kick me. I blocked it using my free hand and stood between her leg not giving her any chance to escape.

"No! Dylan please. Please let me go" she cried and in a swift movement I threw her on the bed and hovered over her holding her hand above her head.

"Dylan please stop!" she pleaded when I began to kiss her neck and suck on it.

"You are so beautiful" I complimented as I placed small kisses on her lips and neck.

"You are mine! I love you so much my Aderyn. You are only mine!" with that I tore her shirt and threw it away leaving her in her black bralette and she began to struggle against me sobbing even more loudly.

"You won't feel anything. I will try not to hurt you. I promise" I said and that is when my canines elongated preparing to mark what's mine.


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