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   Chapter 46 A twist in the story

You Kissed My Soul By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 13569

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Dylan Pov

Happiness is a word that I never expected that it even existed for me. I am finding it really weird and at the same time really awesome to be blessed with such a mate who could bring me those liveliness and happiness.

I feel so alive now a days.

I looked towards her seeing her happily chatting with here friends. She looked happy. Perhaps she was feeling the same as I am feeling for her. As long as she is happy I am happy too.

It has been two days to her birthday and now I am sitting on the couch while she sat on the stairs of the house with her friends chatting with them.

I saw as Bell touched the pendant that I gave to her and heard Jenny teasing her about the gift.

Seeing her blush, both of them laughed at her and I smirked at her when she gazed my way.

She glared at me but I could see the happiness in her eyes.

She looked beautiful wearing a white sweater and a skinny blue jeans. Her hair was down and she looked breathtakingly beautiful. It has been impossible for me to work whenever I see. My mind keeps zoning out only thinking about her.

I was working today when my mind flew back to those pink and plump lips of her when I kissed her that day and at that moment I want nothing but to at least see her beautiful face so that I could steady my racing heart.

I came out of my office and searched for her. Her scent guided me down towards the living room and I found her talking to her friends.

I sat on the couch and switched on the Tv and flipped through channels but my mind as usually was in some other place. I kept glancing her way.

Finally, I gave up.

"Cole where are you?" I asked through mind link.

"In the garage" he said and pursed my lips.

"Ask Jenny to come to you" I said and shifted on my seat looking at Aderyn who wasn't giving me any attention. And it irked me.

"But I am workin-" I cut him off

"Ask her before I do it" I said and heard him sigh.

"Yes Alpha!" He said and disconnected.

Few minutes later I saw Jenny getting up from her place and leaving. I smirked seeing Aderyn raising an eyebrow at me.

"Oh now I understand why you asked me to call Jenny" I heard Cole teasing voice in my mind.

"Don't worry! I won't tell this to Blake. Enjoy!" He laughed and disconnected while I scoffed at him.

Now only one was left.

"Bell!" I said through mind link.

"Yes Alpha!" I saw her stiffening in her place making Aderyn worried.

"Leave!" I said and saw her getting up from her place and leaving the place without arguing.

"Bell? Hey Bell?" I saw a confused Aderyn looking at Bell who walked away but not before giving a teasing smile to Aderyn.

I smirked at it and averted my gaze towards the Tv.

I heard Aderyn sighing and minutes later, I saw her coming towards me and sitting beside me on the couch.

"Do you know why all of a sudden Jenny and Bell left without saying anything? Is there a problem?" She asked and I shook my head negatively not glancing towards her.

"Dylan did you do something?" She asked and I raised an eyebrow looking towards her.

"What makes you think that?" I asked.

"Then why in the world are you grinning like a fool?" She asked and then I realized that indeed I was grinning like a fool.

"Oh am I?" I asked innocently and she narrowed his gaze on me.

"Yes You are" she said and crossed her arms across her chest.

"No one should enter the living room now" I said in open mind link to all the members in the house.

"Yes Alpha!" I heard their voice in chorus.

"Dylan?" Aderyn asked.

"Come here!" I said showing her my lap.

"What?" she asked looking shocked.

"Come here!" I said again and saw her rolling her eyes at me an then leaning against the couch and watching the Tv.

I took the remote and switched the Tv off.

"What the hell? I was watching it" she yelled and threw the pillow on me.

I kept the pillow aside and asked her "Aderyn I am telling you for the last time. Come here!"

"Why are you so keen on wanting me to go there?" she asked all the while glaring at

glass window making the glass shatter into pieces.

"Dylan!" Aderyn screamed

I turned around and ran to my room. I shut the door behind me and grabbed the jug full of water. Suddenly, I felt my throat getting dry. I gulped down the water and threw the jug into the floor.

"This can't be happening" I screamed and punched on the wall.

"No! No! No! This can't happen to me" I screamed throwing everything in my room.

My head was throbbing now and I was getting a headache now.

"Dylan!" I heard Aderyn outside of my door.

"Dylan please open the door" she pleaded knocking on my door.

"No! This can't be happening to me. Why was she not in the future?" I asked myself looking towards the door.

"Is this mean that I am going to have a second mate?" I thought and sat on the bed terrified.

"But a second mate is blessed to those who" I looked with widen eyes when the door flew open revealing Aderyn who looked worried and miserable just like me.

"Those who have lost their first mate" I whispered realizing and felt suffocated to even think about it.

"Dylan" she ran to me.

"No! I can't lose you. You were meant only for me. I can't lose you" I began to twist my finger and shoved my knuckle into my mouth.

She came to me and stood before me. Her scent calming me but the beast within me began to pace around. He was feeling restless and was in edge. He was very angry and sad at the same time while me, I couldn't understand what to do.

"I can't live without you. I can't lose you" I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist and kept my head on her belly.

"You are mine!" I said and finally I felt my cheek getting wet. I was crying. Because it was again happening with me, though this time I knew from beforehand that I was going lose a person again whom I loved the most in my life.

I loved Aderyn.

She stroked my hair and I could feel the sad vibes coming out of her but she was being strong, masking it all.

I was feeling as if my heart was getting sliced into pieces. The memories of when I met Aderyn for the first time invaded my mind and wrapped my arms even more tightly around her thinking that if I leave her she might disappear from my sight. Once again everything was being taken away from me and I will damned if I let anyone even touch what's mine. Nobody could take my love away from. No one means no one.

I will destroy everyone if anything happened to my Aderyn.

"You are not going anywhere" I voiced out my thoughts determined.

"I am not letting you go away from me because you are mine and I love you" I said and heard her gasp.


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