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   Chapter 45 Mine, Forever.

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Aderyn Pov

As his breath fanned on my face and mine on his, we stood their holding each other trying to catch our breath after our kiss.

He moved his hand my back and wrapped it around hugging me. I too moved my hand from his neck and wrapped my arms around his torso hugging him. I leaned against him and placed my ear near his chest listening to his racing heart. I was happy that his condition was same as mine and whatever I was feeling at the moment perhaps he was feeling the same.

"You look so beautiful" he told me and I blushed hiding my face on his chest.

I heard him chuckling at me and then I felt him rubbing my arm using his hand.

"I love the colour yellow on you" he whispered into my ear.

Then he told hold of mine hand and brought to it to his mouth and placed a soft kiss just under my knuckle.

"How did you know that today is my birthday?" I asked looking up at him.

He smiled and removed his hand around me and me by my waist and asked me to sit down.

I did as he told and we both sat on the grass. I leaned against him and looked around to find ourselves in the back side of the house, away from every one.

"Remember how I got to know all about you?" He asked and I gave him a confused look not understanding what he was saying.

"The first time you left" he said and then I realized.

"Oh!" I said.

I heard him sigh and the next moment he wrapped his one arm around my shoulder pulling me close.

"I am sorry for that" he told me and I gave him a small smile.

"But how did you do that? Is that some type of power of yours?" I asked and saw him shook his head negatively.

"It isn't" he said

"Estelle helped me" he told me and I creased my nose thinking about who Estelle was.

"Estelle Helliot. She is one of the eleven witch" he answered my unanswered question.

"She helped me to get you back" he said and I sighed thinking about that day feeling bad that I slapped him.

"If you are thinking about that slap then don't because I perfectly deserved it" he said out of nowhere and I gave him an amused look.

"Yeah! I mean I did a mistake. I should have closed my mind link before getting into your mind. And my stupidity caused every one to" he paused and then said "know about you."

"Are you uh" I paused to think appropriate words to ask and then said "Embarrassed about my past?"

"No! What? How could you even think that? I can never be embarrassed in fact I am proud of you. I got a strong mate. She is even more stronger than me" he said and I smiled putting my head on his shoulder.

We kept for some minute when I spoke.

"I never celebrated my birthday" I whispered.

Though I knew that he might be already knowing this still I thought of sharing it.

"I felt lonely on my birthdays. I used to think that my birth was a curse for me to live alone in this world without anyone to care for me

ant to gift something to my beautiful mate" he said and I sighed.

"Okay? So what is it?" I asked.

He grinned mischievously and I raised an eyebrow at him. I could see the little elongation on his teeth which looked like canines. It was the perfect signal to know that his beast was in control over his body.

"I will mate with you" he said out of nowhere and I choked on air hearing him.

"What?" I asked and tried to get up but he wrapped his arms on the back of my butt keeping me on him.

"I will make you mine as your birthday gift" he said and grinned widely at me perhaps thinking about the mating process.

"I will make you mine forever" he said and grabbed my butt squeezing it.

"Black!" I snapped and slapped his hand away from my butt.

This perverted wolf.

Then I felt him getting his hand inside my dress spiking my heart beat.

"Okay! That's enough. Dylan come back!" I said as I patted his cheek trying to get Dylan back.

As I felt his hand roaming on my bare thigh I grew even more nervous and screamed "Dylan come back."

"Dylan! Dylan! Dylan come back now!" I said and saw his eyes flickering.

Soon his eyes colour changed to its normal colour and he blinked few more times and adjusted his gaze on me.

"Thank God!" I said as I felt on his chest relieved that he came back.

"I can not handle Black!" I confessed and he said "Me neither" he said as he took his hands away from my thigh and kept it on my waist.

"But I do agree with him on one thing though" he said and I raised my head looking at him confusingly.

"On what?" I asked.

"To make you mine forever" he said and grabbed my face bringing my lips for him to kiss me senseless.

That moment I realized one thing.

I used to think that Black was the only one who was a pervert but I realized that I was wrong. Both of them were born perverts.


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