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   Chapter 44 Like Never Before

You Kissed My Soul By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 10617

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Aderyn Pov

I looked here and there surprised as well as shocked. Everyone were cheering and shouting wishing me. My eyes fell on Dylan who stood there before me with a smile on his face.

"How?" my voice croaked out.

He shrugged not answering me and came towards me wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

"I never told anyone about my Birthday. Then how?" I asked again

"I have come to know everything about you" he said and I was going to ask how but was interrupted when Jenny came and handed me a gift box and then hugged me wishing "Happy Birthday Luna".

"Uh Th-Thank You" I told her while another gift box was handed to me by Bell.

"And this gift is from me" Bell said as she hugged me.

"Dyla-" I was cut off by Blake who took hold of my hand and pulled me with him screaming "C'mon everyone! Cake time" and we stood before a table on which there was a chocolate cake.

"C'mon Luna cut the cake" Cole insisted and I nodded taking the knife from him.

"Happy Birthday to you" everyone began to sing in chorus but as odd as it made me feel, I felt happy for I was celebrating my Birthday after a long time.

I was going to cut the cake when Bell interrupted stopping me "Wait! Wait! First make a wish and blow those candles" she told me and every one groaned hearing her.

"She isn't a child" I heard someone from the crowd.

"Shut up! It's the rule before you cut the cake. It's Mandatory" she snapped making me chuckle.

"Mandatory?" Blake asked and scoffed at her.

"I don't know anything. You don't listen to them Luna. Make a wish now" Bell insisted and I shook my head at her smiling at her behavior but did as she told me to do.

I closed my eyes and made a wish.

I blew the candles and cut the cake while everyone cheered.

I took the first slice and looked around.

"Oh! I thought she was going to offer me first as I am her best friend" I heard Bell sulking in disappointment.

"Shut up Bell!" Jenny glared at her and signaled to keep quite.

"Dylan?" I asked and searched for him in the crowd.

"Awwww" everyone cooed.

"Shut up guys" I told them embarrassed as I could feel my cheeks burning, a tint of pink appearing on my cheek as I blushed.

"Alpha!" Cole called him for me and I saw as the crowd gave him space to get near me.

He raised an eyebrow at me undoubtedly teasing me and smiled at me walking towards me.

Every step he took I felt something different inside me. Suddenly I became to feel nervous. The piece of cake was still on my hand as I waited for him to reach me. But I felt like I was paralyzed, hypnotized by him as I stood rooted to my place. It was happening for the first time in my life. I felt as if everything was perfect. My life was being perfect. Somehow I felt a beacon of hope coming towards me which could pull me out of all those punishing dreams and memories.

And I was seeing Dylan as that beacon of hope.

I never realized when he reached me and stood right before me.

When I didn't move he took hold of my hand and took it towards his mouth taking a bite of the cake. Then he took the piece out of my hand and offered me to eat. I smiled at him and took a bite not

till lifted up in the air while he wrapped his one arm on the back on my thigh and another on my back.

I was surprised.

I kept my hands on his shoulder when I felt him kissing my lower lip a few times and then he began to smooch me and kissed my upper lip hungrily and passionately.

I felt adrenaline pulsing through me and my palms felt clammy.

All of a sudden he put me down and I stumbled back but was saved by him holding my hands for support.

While I was out of breathe and I stood there staring at him with wide eyes and huffing out air from my lungs and tried to steady my fast beating heart, he stood there perfectly fine only staring at my lips which I was sure that were red and swollen by now.

I removed my hand from his hand hold and turned around. All of a sudden confusion marred my face wanting to know why he kissed me.

I could feel my limbs shaking and my breaths were still coming out in shorts.

I felt same as I felt when I did skydiving for the first time.

I could literally feel myself blushing deep red but then I began to feel excited. I wanted to feel what I felt again. I wanted so badly to feel those tingles again on my body.

So, I did what I wanted to do.

I turned around and took hold of his shirt collar and pulled him down to my level.

"Kiss me" I said and kissed him full on his lips making him surprise this time.

Few seconds later I felt him wrapping his arms around me and pulling me closer to him and soon we were kissing each other passionately like never before. I left his collar and wrapped my arms around his neck while he roamed his hands on my back pulling me impossibly closer. Every time I stopped for breathing he pulled me back to him kissing me even more passionately and hungrily.

Soon I felt him kissing the sides of my lips and his mouth trailed down towards my neck and I felt his lips on my pulsing vein on my neck while I stood their leaning against him feeling his warm body close to mine.

I don't know about him but I, I was totally a goner.



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