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   Chapter 42 Intertwined

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Dylan Pov

I was out on a pack patrolling when Blake mind linked me telling me that Aderyn was trying to escape.

I asked them to catch her but warned everyone not to touch her. I knew Aderyn was smart but never knew that she would ever do a stupidity by jumping a fifteen feet wall. She was still a human and I didn't like the idea of her jumping a wall. What if something happened to her?

I knew it was not a big deal for her but for me it was more than a big deal. So I asked Blake to stop and not to follow her after she did that ridiculous jump. If they wanted they could've followed her and jumping a mere something feet long wasn't a big deal for werewolves. We could do much than that.

But still I asked them not to chase after her. Because it was me who was going to that. I'll be always be the one who will chase her. As soon as I enter my perimeter I stopped on my track and used my power.

Being able to control all type of elements was a blessing for me. I could control Earth, as well as do Telekinesis and there were many more.

I used my Nature power and Air to locate where she was. Finally, I got what I wanted. I could smell her. She was some miles away from me and I just needed to shift into my wolf form to reach her.

My Elemental powers were my blessings from my parents. They both possessed some elemental powers and I inherited it from them. But mine were more stronger than them. But there was only one problem.

If I am on locating a person by using my elemental powers and if it rains at the same time, my power fails. Its not like I can't use my power in the rain. I just can't locate a person in the rain.

Being able to control all elements is a curse sometimes. When it rains my powers seems to grow and the human side of me seems to grow weaker due to which my powers disable me from locating or feeling any person. This is mine one and only weakness.

Well apart from Aderyn.

She is has grown both to be my strength as well as weakness. I tend to loose my senses when I'm around her.

"Let's go back" I stood up and looked down at her waiting for her to stand up.

She kept staring at me and I smiled at her giving her my hand to take. Reluctantly she took my hand and stood up on her foot.

"Let's walk back" I told her and turned around to leave but stopped when I saw her not moving an inch from her place.

"Aderyn?" I called.

"I don't want to go back" she replied and I bit the inner side of my mouth and asked "Why?"

"I don't know" she whispered and I stared at her face and then looked up at the sky.

"Are you scared?"

utter a word to me. She kept walking beside me and I kept stealing glances at her wanting to know what was going on inside her mind. But she kept her face neutral and it was getting hard for me to know as I can't read her mind.

I walked towards her and slowly brushed my hand with her. She didn't seem to seem to mind. So I took hold of her hand and intertwined our fingers with each other into tightly interlocked fingers.

"I wasn't thinking of running away" she said looking up at me.

"And I wasn't thinking of letting you go" I said "Ever".

And we walked back to our house.

She tightened her hold on mine when we reached back to our house.

"Relax!" I told her and she sighed nodding at me.

"Luna!" we heard as we saw some members running towards us.

"Aderyn!" Bella called as she ran towards us.

"Bell I'm so sorry. I know I shouldn't have ran lik-" she stopped in the middle when Bella plunged her arms around her which made Aderyn to let go of my hand and I reluctantly let her go.

Bella hugged Aderyn tightly and Aderyn returned her hug wrapping her arms around Bella.

"Are you alright?" Bell asked letting go of Aderyn.

"Yes!" Aderyn nodded smiling at her.

"God! we were so worried. Please don't do that again" she said with a worried voice and I watched as Aderyn kept her palm on Bella's face assuring her that she wasn't going to do that again.

Soon Blake, Cole and everyone joined us and they continued throwing questions on Aderyn. While they encircled her and Aderyn continued giving them answers calmly I walked backwards giving them enough time to meet and greet their Luna.

"My Luna".


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