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   Chapter 41 Listen to your heart

You Kissed My Soul By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 8713

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Aderyn Pov

"What's with you always running away?" He asked as he walked towards me. The more he came closer the more nervous I grew and I hated it.

"Well a captive do have right to run away from its captor" I told him and he sighed rubbing his hand on his face.

"I am not your captor Aderyn. I am your mate. How many times do I need to tell you this?" He asked and I turned around avoiding his gaze.

"I saw a wolf" I spoke and heard him humming in response.

"It was way too bigger than a normal one" I told him and stood their silently for some minutes before speaking again "Was it you?" I asked and turned towards my side to face him.

He nodded reluctantly and shoved his hands into his pant pockets.

"He is the King. His name is Black" he told me and I nodded and pursed my lips.

"I saw him once before" I told him to which he gave me confused look.

"I never shifted into him nor did I ever showed my wolf form to you beforehand. So how and where did you see him?" He questioned and I smiled to it remembering where I met him.

"In my dream" I told him and looked up at him to find him already staring at me.

"What was he doing there?" He asked and shook my head negatively which made him frown.

"I will never tell you that" I said and sat down on one of the stone placing my leg inside a puddle of water.

He took his seat on another stone before me and copied my action.

"Black is beautiful" I told him and he smiled looking the other side.

"He is glad that his mate finds him beautiful" He spoke and I lowered my head hearing the word mate.

"How did you find me? I thought you were away to somewhere" I asked unasked question that I wanted to ask the time I saw him emerging out of the woods.

"I already told you, I can find you easily even if you went to the other side of the world. Nothing could ever stop me from finding you. I could always feel and sense you" he told me and I felt my heart fluttering hearing him. I felt truth laced in his words.

"So you are not going to yell at me or something for running away?" I asked and he looked at me and then chuckled. He took some pebbles and started throwing them one by one into the water.

"No I am not going to yell" he told me to which I raised my eyes questionably.


"Because I know why you ran away" he said and I gave him a blank look.

"When I was hardly seventeen I was to be crowned for my position. The day I was to be crowned, do you know what I did?" He asked and I shook my head negatively.

"I ran away" he blurted out and I blinked my eyes processing what he just told me

lost in that war".

"But now, I think that I have found my strength back" he moved towards me and touched my face and began to trail his knuckles on my cheeks.

I grew nervous and though I wanted nothing but to lean against his touch I restrained myself from doing that. His touch did incredible things to my skin sending tingles and warmness running down my body.

"When are you going to stop holding yourself back from me?" he chuckled but I knew he was upset.

"You need to open up to me. It's not like I will eat you or something. And you need to warm up to me soon. Very very soon" he swept the locks that was falling my face behind my ear and came incredibly close to me and whispered into my ear.

"Because I don't think I could restrain myself from you any longer. Day by Day I am loosing my control and I don't think you running away from me every time is helping me. It is making me even more. Because I like to chase" he trailed a finger on my arm and using his another hand he held me by my waist and pulled me to him and put his head into the crook of my neck inhaling my scent.

"Heavenly" he whispered and I gulped remembering the last time what happened after he did that.

"And I will take my Luna back with me whether she comes with me willingly or by" he placed a soft kiss on my pulse which immediately set me on fire. I closed my eyes shut and took deep intakes to control myself.

"I won't let my Luna out of my sight ever" he squeezed my waist and I clenched my fist feeling the nails digging my skin.

"Because She is my Strength and She is Mine".


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