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   Chapter 60 Epilogue Meant to be together

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Aderyn Pov

The moon shone brightly and the howl of the wolves echoed my ears, as I looked in front of me sadly witnessing the funeral process of the dead wolves. It turned out, the dagger couldn't bring the lives of the wolves who passed away early. Only the wolves who died nearly the time when I got the dagger back were saved. I looked at the side to find, Cole and Jenny standing looking sadly at the deceased wolf's bodies. Blake and Bella were comforting the dead wolf's mates and the wolf who lost their friends howled showing respect and feeling sorrowful for the loss.

Dylan encircled his arms around my waist and pulled me close. A tear escaped my eyes, as I looked at mates of the deceased wolves crying their eyes out. Some of the packs lost their alphas and it was heartbreaking to see the sadness in the whole pack's eyes. Somewhere deep down, I felt guilty.

"I can't help but think that this all happened because of me, " I told Dylan and felt his arms tightening around me.

"No, it's not like that. It was meant to happen. The only person to be blamed in this is Edna, this all happened because of her. It's only because today we have lost so many companions. You don't need to blame yourself for anything, " he said.

I gasped when I saw the body of a familiar person. The beasts attacked the house and the female warriors among with normal wolves had to fight too. Cole despite being wounded fought in his terrible state managed to fight but lots of female warriors and innocent lives were lost in that fight but among those lives, we lost a precious and nearer one. Lily.

We lost her and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her body. Her left hand dangled from the stretcher from which her body was being carried. I walked up to her and held her hand and slowly put it up on her other hand. I couldn't help it any longer because I burst out in tears when I saw her face. Her eyes closed, hair on her side shoulder, her mouth partly apart. Scratches, bruises, and wounds marred her beautiful face. She couldn't even meet her mate. That made my heartbreak even further because here, two people who were supposed to be destined for each other couldn't meet.

I felt Dylan pulling me back my waist as we moved back and stood back watching the deceased one being carried away. The witches stood their quietly as they performed some spell over the deceased bodies and chanted some mantras in their mind for their piece. It was not a sight to behold. Even the pups who lost their parents cried and sobbed crestfallen. The burial process was to be held soon and we all closed our eyes and prayed for the deceased one for redemption.

Five months later

"Aderyn?" I heard Dylan calling me through mind link and I walked to him to the kitchen to find him pouring soup in the bowl.

"What happened?" I asked and walked to him and held his arm and leaned against him and watched as he garnished the soup with parsley leaves.

"Drink your soup, " he said and I hummed in response taking two bowls from him, I walked back towards the drawing hall where I took my seat on the sofa next to pregnant Jenny and handed her one of the bowls.

"Thankyou, " she smiled and I watched Cole leaned down and pecked her cheeks before taking a seat next to the Tv.

Jenny was three months pregnant and Dylan told me that Cole told him, Jenny is expecting twins because she could hear two heartbeats from within her. Everyone was sad after that war. The other packs returned to their respective lands and the packs who lost their Alphas has new alphas, some alphas are young, the son of their deceased father while some are the betas who took their alphas position.

Nobody was happy, nor anybody talked for many days about the war. Everyone was missing Lily. But then, their buried place was filled up with flowers and roses, people didn't forget to visit their grave letting them know that are live within our hearts. It didn't matter if they left us but we all can never forget them ever.

Two good things happened in these five months, and that was Blake found his mate. He went to the neighboring pack after three months of the war for inspection, if the new alpha was taking good care of the pack or not and there he found Crystal. An eighteen year old, blonde with brown eyes chubby and kind Crystal Morgan. We all were happy for them because Blake was smiling and laughing again. Finally, the sadness in everyone's eye dissipated with his good news because he was the kingdom's beta and people were happy with his happiness.

Another happy news was the kingdom's warrior and his mate expecting. We found out Jenny was pregnant and that filled our heart with joy. Slowly, slowly the sorrow and pain in everyone's eye began to dissipate and finally we all here, starting the new phase of our life with h

w my hands up in the air and walked towards the food counter.

They don't want me. Why should I keep nagging them to behave or wear like this when everything that does gets a green signal from their dad? None of them ever consider my advice. Fine, I won't ever stop them.

"Love, " I heard Dylan from behind me as I picked up the grilled chicken and put it on my plate ignoring him.

"Aderyn, " he kept his hand on my shoulder but I jerked it away.

"Don't touch me, " I hissed at him.

"Today is our anniversary love, " he tried to lighten my mood and I huffed at him.

"So? It is my fault that today is our anniversary?" I questioned and turned around glaring at him.

"You are ruining them, you don't understand it!" I complained as I picked up my plate and walked toward the table.

"No, I'm not, " he argued.

"I just want them to have the life which we both didn't have, " he said as he took the seat before me.

"But that doesn't mean that you will bring and let the do whatever they want, " I complained ad shoved the pieces of chicken into my mouth.

"Love, " he called and I averted my gaze away from him ignoring him.

"Love?" he called me again only to be ignored once again.

"Look to your side, " he said and I did without even complaining and felt as the spoon fell from my hand. There he was Evan. He went back and had changed his clothes. Gracie smiled as both of them walked to us. Evan was now wearing a white plain decent shirt with sky blue decent jeans. His hair was combed neatly and I felt tears threatened to spill my eyes when I looked at him. It was the first time ever when I was witnessing him in decent clothes. He looked like me, a complete reflection of me but with Dylan's eyes and smile. Now, he looked like a prince.

He walked up to me and stood next to me. I got up my chair and looked at him from up to down. He was only fifteen but he was already of his father's height that made me look up at him. I smiled satisfied with his new look and looked at Gracie knowing it very well that it was her work.

"Surprise, " they both said in unison and I clamped my mouth with my hand finally letting my tear spill. Tears of joy.

"Mom, always emotional, " Evan said and hugged me.

As he pulled away and began to roll up his sleeves, I slapped his hands away and rolled down his sleeves.

"Mom!" he complained.

"Shut up!" I said and smiled satisfied.

"Look, Dylan, I can't believe our son is so handsome, " I said dreamingly and felt encircling his hands around me.

"That's because I am handsome, " he said snorting at the end that made us laugh.

So, this was my family. We supported and cared for each other. I learned an important lesson when I met Dylan and it was never to give up on life even if you are in a terrible condition. I would have never been able to make it this far in my life without Dylan, and I loathed the fact that there was even a time, when I wished my life to end but now, when I think of it I feel proud of myself that I didn't let the darker side of me to control my life else, I wouldn't have been here. As I wrote it down in my diary I looked at my family portrait and smiled. It was how life should be.


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