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   Chapter 59 Love

You Kissed My Soul By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 12603

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Tears shredded down everyone's face and some stood there with a look of disbelief looking the way where their supposed to be Queen just jumped off the cliff. Dylan sat on his knees looking at the way where the love of his life just jumped off before his own eyes and she couldn't do anything to save her. He was shocked and Black within him didn't even blink his eyes. A long gash formed in his right arm where Edna had stabbed her using that dagger and blood was continuously oozing out of it. His supernatural power couldn't heal it because he was stabbed by a dagger with was made from a magical holy sword.

Amber put her hands on her eyes feeling terrible at the same time she too crouched down on the ground feeling guilty that she couldn't do anything. Venus walked up to her sister who was crying her eyes out and hugged her putting her head on her shoulder not able to hold the tears anymore. Amber cried and wept and held onto her sister Venus for support.

Pearsyvia, Estelle, and the other witches were still in shock. They didn't even move from their place because they just couldn't believe what just happened. Cyreanna glared at Phoenix and marched up to her in anger. A noise was heard and the wolves looked up towards the source to find Cyreanna had raised her hand to hit Phoenix on her face.

Phoenix took the hit and stood there with blank eyes, void of any emotions. She had a distant expression and tears threatened to fall from her eyes as she stood there lowering her head while Cyreanna hit her one more time on her face.

"You traitor!" screamed Cyreanna who slapped Phoenix once again for the third time in anger.

"Stop it! Cyreanna!" Hilda one of the witches held Cyreanna from her arms and tried to pull her off from hitting Phoenix once again.

"Stop it!" cried Hilda who put her head on Cyreanna's shoulder to hide her tears.

Cyreanna on the other sobbed and screamed at Phoenix for being a traitor and allowing all this that happened.

Blake, on the other hand, shifted back into his human form and walked off to Dylan and kept a hand on his shoulder not understanding what to do. The wolves shifted back into their human forms and one of the wolves howled raising its head into the air, letting the other knows about their position before it shifted back into the human form.

"All this time she was with her! Oh my goodness!" screamed Cyreanna not being able to hold her emotions to herself.

"Oh my god! This is the reason why I had that vision where I didn't see our Queen in the fut-" she fell on her knees and hit the ground hard blaming herself for not seeing it coming.

"My Lord, " Blake tried to call Dylan who sat there with distant eyes facing towards the direction where Aderyn just jumped off.

"Dylan?" Blake called him using his name wanting to let him know that his friend was there for him.

One of the beasts crushed the head of a wolf and was just going to drink blood from its neck when another wolf jumped over it and ripped it into pieces. The Wolf then looked back towards its dead friend and lowered its head showing respect for the sacrifice that it made.

All the wolves heard the howl and they increased their pace to kill to kill each and every beast as fast as they could. Minutes later when all the beasts were dead, satisfied they ran off towards the cliff where they heard the howl only to find a chaos situation. They didn't get what was going on. There was their King on the ground while Blake, their beta was next to him. The witches were crying and the werewolves stood there in grief looking at their King.

One of the wolves shifted back into his human form and walked off to the grief-stricken werewolf.

"What happened?" he asked to him.

"Where is the Queen?" he asked wh

lder for support.

Blake picked the dagger up and gave it to the witches.

"The dagger!" exclaimed Hilda with happiness.

Everyone's eyes trained at Dylan and Aderyn who were lost in teir own world. Estelle cleared her voice and signaled everyone to leave them alone. They all nodded and Amber said more like excused herself and the others by saying " C'mon let us bring back our friends!" she said showing them the dagger and in utermost happiness the wolves jumped in joy and wagging their tails ran towards the way where they had lost their friends. The witches laughed andd glanced towards their King and Queen before leaving with a smiling Blake.

"Okay! Easy there wolfie! Now put me down!" Aderyn giggled and Dylan shook his head no.

"Dylan!" Aderyn laughed when he tried to kiss her still holding her up in his arms.

"Please put me down!" she chided and Dylan obliged by slowly putting her down but he didn't let her go becasue he pulled her into a hug and kissed the mark on her neck which made her giggle.

"You gave me a heart attack!" complained Dylan who felt more than contended holding his love back in his arms.

"Really?" Aderyn questioned him playfully but Dylan pulled away from her and looked directly into her eyes.

"Don't ever do that to me again. Please Love!" he said with so many emotions reflecting his eyes that almost immediately Aderyn felt guilty for doing that to him.

"I'm so sorry!" she said and reached up to kiss him on his lips. Soon, it turned into a passionate one and as she pulled away Dylan couldn't help but smile at her.

"You came back to me" he whispered to her to which she just shrugged her shoulders and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"What can I do? I keep coming back to you!" she said and they laughed remembering the time when Aderyn tried to escape. Everytime she ended up facing him and those memories brought nothing but smile to their faces.

"And I can't just leave you without tell you this" before Dylan could ask what she closed the gap and kissed him again pulling his head down by his neck.

As she pulled back and planted a kiss on his forehead she completed her previous incomplete sentence "how much I love you!" she completed which made Dylan look at her in shock.

"Yes, I love you more than anything in this world. I love you to the moon and back and beyond the infinity" she said and watched as a tear rolled down her lover's cheek hearing her confession.

It was not the end but the start of their new life.

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