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   Chapter 58 Ends well

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Silence marred the place, not even a single whisper was heard. It was as if a pin fell on the ground theen, it could be heard and the most amazing part was on that the vast meadow, there were thousands of werwolves standing and looking at direction where they had assumed theire enemy would attack from. Thousands of wolves yet not a single sound. Everyone contacted each othe using the mind link and waited desperately for their enemies to show up.

They didn't need any permission, nor any invitation or warning to their enemy informing them that they were here. They knew that their enemies are samrt enough and they woud have already had the idea that they were here to get their Queen back. A werewolf raised his head and twitched its ears in all direction and pretty soon sniffed the air. Dylan in his transformed Lycan form stood on his hind legs and sniffed the air, as soon as he did that, he smelled blood and he knew that they were here. The wolf raised it's head and howled. It's rest rumbled due to the long howl and he informed his pack that they were.

The wolves sat on an attack position crounching on the ground and continuosly sniffed the air locating their spots. The first wolf in the front jumped on the air but lika a gust of wind it disappered. The other wolves looked in shock but then few yards away saw the same wolf's body being thrown and colliding to a tree, where it fell on the ground whimpering and blood all over its mouth.

They were here.

Dylan ad Black's body shook in anger as they witnessed the other wolves being attacked as well. Black being an aggressive creature wanted to kill them all but Dylan controled his emotions and asked him to concentrate on the power they got from the witches to fight their enemies. Black obliged and they closed their eyes and concentrated, the only thing they saw was a creature, a different looking creature which resembled humans but they looked dead and they were just stink badly. They used the power to see the future and opened their eyes. They waited for three minutes and then jumped on the air and punched on their front direction and pretty soon, they saw the animal on the ground whimpering and screaming in pain. It's body shook like a dying lizard and it held its ripped off face as it shrieked annoyingly on the ground.

"Kill it before it gets up!" Black said and Dylan nodded in response.

Dylan used his hinds legs to jump and he landed directly on the whimpering beast on the ground. Dylan and Black's body weight crushed the beast's skull and the beast lay dead on the ground not even twitching a single finger.

Dylan looked the other waay to find his pack being attacked mercilessly. Far away he saw a wolf fighting and clawing the beast and Dylan smiled in triumph when he witnessed the beast falling down on the ground dead, because the wolf ripped its neck off using it's canine teeth. The wolf looked up towards Dylan wiggling it's tail and Dylan nodded but then Dylan watched as the perfectly fine wolf collapsed on the ground without any reason. Dylan reached him in no minute, using his supernatural strength and looked at wolf who was now whimpering in pain and it's eyes colour were changing to a black one.

"Estelle!" Black called the witch and no minutes, the witch appeared before them and cast a shield over them which prevented their enemies to attackk them.

"What going on?" Dylan asked pointing at the wolf who was breathing heavily struggling with it's life.

Estelle crouched down next to the wolf's body and lifted it's head up on her lap. She checked it's mouth and using her finger, took something out which looked like blood. She rubbed the thick stinky blood in between her finger and then smelled it closely.

"Poison" she whispered as soon as it struck her mind.

Dylan and Black heard it and they growled in agony.

"Edna has played it smart. She had this beast's body filled up with poisoned blood. She knew that the wolves would use their mouth and as soon as the blood goes into their mouth. It's posion's them" Estelle said and gasped when the wolf closed it's eyes and lied dead on her lap. A lone tear escaped her eyes as she oatted the dead wolf's head and carefully placed it's head on the ground.

Black heart's clenched in pain seeing their friend's body lying dead on the ground. They knew who the wolf was and both Dylan and Black made it up in their mind that they wouldn't let it's sacrifice go in vain. They would seek revenge and a loud growl errupted their chest as they rip the shield from the inside and attacked their enemies making sure not to touch their blood using their mouth. The claws were enough for them to rip their enemies body in two and one by one both of them piled up their enemies body on the ground in anger.

Estelle made sure to inform about the poison to all the other wolves and the other witches and soon the other wolves using their sharp claws and body weight to crush their enemies but it wasn't enough. Because they were only hurting their enemies, but couldn't kill them only by using their claws. Estelle and the other witches looked at this and discussed what to do. After discussing and going through some of their ancestor's book's they got the idea.

Together they performed a spell and casted it all over their wolves and the wolves watched themselves floating up on the air by a green coloured light and then collapsing badly on the ground. No understanding what just happened, the wolves shook their head and then they knew what happened. Their canine teeth were elongated and they were changed into a silver one. They roamed their tongue in their mouth only to find no tongue, but only silver coated teeth. Even though silver was danger

t you my lady" Amber said out of guilt and looked towards the directon where Dylan was still on the floor while Blake and the other two wolves tried to bite Edna's neck but were failing.

"The dagger!" everyone looked at Phoenix's direction. She had spoke for the first time in the battle and her eyes were tarined on her daughter's face and the dagger that she was using.

"What about the dagger?" Pearsyvia asked.

"The dagger reminds me of our ancestor's sword which was used to hunt down the beasts, vampires and even rogue wolves" Phoenix said and the witches looked closely at the dagger.

"Could it be?" Cyreanna said.

"What's going on?" Aderyn asked confused thinking what they were talking about.

"My lady, our ancestors were very much powerful than us and were very intelligent. Unlike us, as we became hybrid because some of our ancestor's married to human which made us lose some of our powers. So, in the past when they were the real witches, they made that sword in order to serve the kingdom and slaughter evil. And it was said that once, the sword kills a beast the beast could no longer survive or any back up spell will no longer work on it. It looks likes Edna has somehow travelled to the past andhas succeeded in stealing a part of the sword and she has made a dagegr in order to kill our King" Phoenix said and Aderyn felt as her heart pounded against her chest when she heard that.

"But-" Phoenix started and stopped when she closed her eyes thinking something.

"But what?" Venus asked and everyone waited for her to speak.

"But the sword can be used to bring back the lives of the innocent who died saving or fighting for their people. In other sense, we need that dagger to kill Edna and to bring the lives of the wolves whom we lost before Edna accomplished her mission in killing our Lord" Phoenix said.

"How to bring that dagger?" Amber asked.

Phoenix thought for a while and then looked towards Aderyn and then she said something which shocked everyone.

"Will you sacrifice your life for saving our King and our kind?" Phoenix asked Aderyn. Gasps were heard as the witches couldn't believe what Phoenix has just said. The wolves growled at Phoenix for even saying those words to Aderyn.

"Phoenix!" Estelle snapped at Phoenix.

"Have you lost you mind?" Cyreanna glared at Phoenix and spoke through gritted teeth.

"How could you eve-" Aderyn cut Amber in the middle saying "Yes, that would be a honor for me because I succeeded in saving my love and even the people who love me" Aderyn's statement shocked everyone.

"What are you saying?" Pearsyvia put her hand on her forehead.

"Very well then! Prove it to us and go save your mate!" Phoenix threw something on Aderyn and before anyone could stop the thing, Aderyn caught it and Phoenix unshield her and they watched as Aderyn dashed towards Edna.

"You fool! What have you done?" snapped Amber at Phoenix and the other witches ran after Aderyn trying to save her from getting killed.

"Wait my Queen! Please don't go there!" Venus yelled after Aderyn as she ran to stop her.

"What have you done?" Amber whispered with wide eyed as she lloked back a crying Phoenix.

"I will miss her" Phoenix cried and they watched as Aderyn jumped on Dylan's body who tried to stop her by holding her ankle but he failed because she was too fast and Aderyn jumped over Blake's wolf form and attacked Edna in such a force that both of them fell of the cliff. Aderyn had managed to get hold of Edna as she made sure to have a tight grip and she jumped off the cliff with Edna struggling to get her hands free.

Everyone looked in shock and Dylan transformed into his human form and he looked towards where Aderyn just jumped off.

"Aderyn!" screamed Dylan in agony as he just witnessed his mate's sacrifice.

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