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   Chapter 57 Author Pov

You Kissed My Soul By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 12706

Updated: 2018-07-10 15:58

From here onwards it's my Pov. I will change this at the time of editing the complete story.

"I see something" everyone's breath hitched when out of nowhere Cyreana enters the room where Dylan and everyone were training. Dylan was testing his new powers with the other witches. The elemental powers that he had and that he got seems to have tremendous energy one could ever imagine. Even in his human form, he defeated his own werewolves warriors, even his beta Blake and two of the witches that are the twin sisters Amber and Venus Sueffer.

"I can see Edna!" Cyreana spoke in an undertone but she forgot that the people before were her not some normal human but werewolves and witches. The werewolves easily heard what she just said and all of a sudden loud throaty growls of wolves was heard as the anger hearing the name of their enemy resurfaced the pain and loss of their family members and even their Queen.

Dylan though looked as if he was ready to kill maintained his calm and closed his eyes with his hands forming a tight fist as if he was trying to control all his emotions. Surely though, it was hard for Dylan out of all the wolves to maintain such a demeanor after losing his love of his life out of his sight. He wanted nothing but to rip the throat of the enemy who had the audacity to even touch his mate.

"What do you see?" asked Dylan in a taut voice from which one could easily tell that he was anything but calm.

Cyreana closed her eyes as she raised her hands up in the air and concentrated on her vision.

"Some strange animals. Yes! animals. No! wait! It's not animals. Is it human? Oh my lord! They look horrible! I can't tell you what they are but I see Edna. She is sitting in the middle of a magic ring circle chanting something. The animals or should I say beast are circling her up as if they are guarding her. Wait! the beast is growing?" Cyreana said and jerked up from her position as she crunched down because of the energy she put on to see that vision.

"Cyreana! Are you alright?" Amber walked to her and held her by her arms inspecting her face.

"You alright?" Dylan asked worriedly.

"Ya! Yes my lord! I'm fine" Cyreana looked at Amber and smiled gently t her before reassuring her that she was alright. She then gently pushing past her walked to the window transom window and she pulled the pushed the glass narrow door of the window open letting in the fresh air and light. People who stood there and looked at her actions thought that maybe she needed air and energy after the incident that happened a few seconds ago but little did they know what was particularly going on. Cyreana was actually waiting for her Raven to come to her.

Dylan seemed to be getting impatient as Cyreana stood near the window doing nothing. It was the matter of his mate and kingdom, he couldn't just pretend not to be patient when everything was so out of place before his eyes. As he opened his mouth ready to ask what Cyreana was doing, he chose to shut his mouth when he saw a strange looking raven with red eyes flying up to Cyreana and it sat on Cyreana forearm. The Raven lifted its wings in the air and fluttered it making a short, repeated shrill calls as if it was talking to Cyreana. Even though it looked weird, the people present in the room watched silently paying attention to the scenario that was going on before them.

Cyreana lifted her other arm and chanted something and people watched as the Raven literally owed to her before disappearing into her forearm forming a small tattoo on her wrist.

"Cyreana?" Venus spoke for the first time. Venus was closest than any other witches to Cyreana. She knew her and she knew her Raven too but she knew that Cyreana never uses her Raven as it consumes lots of her energy making her weak. So, guessi

place or keep her captivated for a long time.

"I see" Edna muttered to herself all of a sudden understanding that anger triggers the power within Aderyn and she must learn to control it before the beastly power controls her body. But Aderyn's power was enough to rip the throat of Edna if she wasn't cautious around her. She made sure not to make Aderyn angry further because she knew Aderyn had no idea about the power nor did she knew how to use it. Triggering her anger would only cause Edna's own downfall.

"Now, Now look what time it is!" Edna sang trying to change the topic.

As soon as she said that she noticed as Aderyn's eye changed back to its normal colour and size and she blinked several times at her to adjust her eyes to the light.

"Time to celebrate!" Edna sang and with her magic brought out a flute and a bottle of wine. She gestured the flute to Aderyn but Aderyn huffed and looked the other side declining her offer. Edna shrugged her shoulder and poured an amount into the flute before she raised her flute in the air for toasting by herself "Cheers for my victory!" she sang wickedly with that wicked evil glow in that chatoyance like eyes of hers.

Edna took the flute to her mouth and gulped down the red wine which was actually the blood of some creature that she claimed gave enormous power to her. She danced happily and jumped and hopped on one foot over those candles triumphantly. Aderyn wondered what made her so happy all of a sudden that she was hopping and dancing making merry. Little did Aderyn knew that a cruel and vicious idea of Edna wanting to kill Aderyn before the sunrise had formed in her head.

Seeing those powers, Edna had set her mind that now she would no longer wait to kill Dylan when she can destroy him by killing his mate and gaining her powers making herself, even more, stronger and she had planned it to do before the sunrise. Edna was so happy and busy in merry making that she didn't even sense it coming.

Few miles away, the wild wolves ran across the meadows and streams of the river.The other wild animals watched and some even hide frightened to see not one but thousands of carnivores wolves running like a gust of the wind towards a direction. What looked like a black wolf but not exactly a wolf was leading the massive pack as they sprinted into the woods and vanished away in the dense mass of trees. Little did Edna know that her end was coming because the king himself was leading his pack to conquer the parts of the forest to reach his beloved.

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