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   Chapter 56 The Witches Unite

You Kissed My Soul By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 9960

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Dylan Pov

"You are running too fast!" I told Black as he leaped over the thin stream of the river, passing the rocks he jumped and sprinted back into woods.

"I am no mood to talk human!" he said in his animal beasty tone.

I sighed and tried once more "Slow down already! It's been an hour since you are running. Slow down a little!" I told. My wolf seemed agitated due to the loss of his mate and some wolves from our kind.

"Look I understand what you are feeling right now but you need to understand that we can't lose our mind at this time. You are exhausting yourself and at the same time, you are exhausting me too. Listen to me! I miss Aderyn too! Hell! I want to die right now but that's not the solution. She would have been so angry seeing our condition. Try to understand. If we want her safe we must control our emotions. So, calm down! Running and exhausting yourself won't help the situation. We need energy. We need it for our love, mate Aderyn" I tried to make him understand.

"It all happened because of me! I am weak!" he growled with his ears down.

"Stop blaming yourself!" I argued.

"Shut up! You won't understand human!" he growled in annoyance.

"Don't talk to me like that Black! You are testing my limits now!" I charged at him.

"Me? Actually, it was you. Everything happened because of you!" he stopped in the middle of the woods barring his teeth and bobbing his head.

"What did you just say? How dare you to talk to me like that Black? Are you forgetting your position?" I retorted back.

"Oh shut up! If you weren't so weak as a human then my mate would have been here! She was taken right before your eyes. What did you do? Nothing!" his remark angered me.

"My eyes are your eyes too! You are within me! What could you do? Nothing! And what did you mean by 'my mate'? She is our mate!" I growled at him when he barred his teeth hunching his back at me.

"Fine! I lost to this conversation. I am sorry!" he sat on the ground and put his head down on the grassy ground.

I sighed inwardly. "Why am I even fighting with him?" I thought and heard Black whined and closed his eyes.

"I am sorry too! Black try to understand! We will find her. Have faith in me. On us" I said but he didn't reply.




"What?" he growled in annoyance.

"When did you start to talk so much? I want that old quite Dylan back. You are giving me a headache!" he complained.

"Umm does wolves have headaches too?" I questioned even more to annoy him.

"I understood it today!" he said all of a sudden.

"What?" I questioned confused by his sudden statement.

"Why they used to say that 'mate changes you' you have changed! You show emotions a lot now after Aderyn has come into our life. But most annoyingly you talk too much now!" he complained.

"What? Oh well, it is good right?" I questioned amused by him.

"Oh Please! I beg you! Please shut up!" he cried as he got on his four legs and walked to

er than him now. Both of us fought with each other to take over the body. Black fur popped out of my skin all over my body, my canine teeth barred out even further elongating more than its original size, claws tore my skin apart before digging out forcibly elongated more than its original side. The power in my body was enormous. I had never so alive beforehand. My jeans tore apart as the muscles in my thigh flexed further. My power increased so much that I even tore the roots that were holding me in my place apart.

I opened my eyes slowly when everything was over. My vision was incredible. It looked as if I was standing much taller to everyone as if my height increased. I could even see a needle like a dent or hole in the world. My vision had incredibly increased. As I panted and huffed out air because of the power and the force my body has to go through during the rites, I looked down to be amazed by my body.

I was half human and half werewolf now. I looked like a Lycan possibly, I was a Lycan now. I had wolves hind legs and I stood on two legs with a wolf and half human like hand with sharp razor-like elongated claws. My hearing senses had increased. I felt my ears twitching in all distance and I could hear heart beats inside the room. It should be twelve including mine so why was I hearing thirteenth one?

I looked over and followed the sound and my eyes fell on a frog in the corner of the room just at the side of the door.

"Black?" I called my wolf in my mind.

"Yes, I am over here!" he replied.

"Feel the energy?" I asked overhelmed by the power.

"Love the energy!" he replied in enthusiastic.

"What are we waiting for? Lets get our mate back! Shall we?" I asked and he howled in response. I flexed my body and throwing my head backward I howled like a wolf, our voice penetrating past the walls of the room. The pitch was so high that I bet that even a mere insect miles away from my kingdom could hear my howl.

I was ready to kill.

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