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   Chapter 29 Epilogue

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It was the moment where you would realise that it was it. It was the moment where you would think that your life depends on it and you just have to do anything in your control to reach your goal. My goal, was Juliette. My destination was Juliette. My aim was to get Juliette back even though I knew where she was. I knew I had to do it clearly so that I could end the matter for once and for all and it was what led me to the situation where blood oozed out of my mouth as I huffed in exhaustion and watched a bloodied face of none other than Alex as he struggled to catch his breath after we had a nasty combat of fist fight.

All of a sudden, he laughed. The jackass laughed hysterically and got up holding his chin and wiped the blood out of his mouth.

"You asshole, do you think I am stupid?" he laughed and looked up towards the ceiling.

I got up from the floor and held myself stable as I huffed out blood and looked at him exhausted. The guy was laughing hysterically like a maniac and even though all I wanted was to just pull the gun out from my back and kill him, I couldn't. I wasn't supposed to kill him or else he would pull me down to end as well and being aware of that and thinking about Juliette, I restrained myself from doing such actions.

"I knew it! I knew there was something fishy going on and hell I tried to shrug it off, " he spat out blood and had his hands on his hips as he shook his head but then looked back at me.

"I fucking knew that both of you were together and she had not lost her memory, " he said and even though it surprised me, all I did was to stare at him as blank as I could. "Deep down, I knew I was just digging my own grave, but I did it. I did it to get you, " he said with rage filled in his voice and immediately he pulled a revolver out from his behind as he held it towards my direction. His bloodshot eyes looked murderous and his face contoured anger but amidst all that his hands trembled as he held the revolver before me.

"You! You are the root cause of everything! My life is miserable only because of you. I should've killed you back then when my sister Gina attempted suicide. It was all your fault.It was bloody all your fault!" he yelled and in a moment he leveled the revolver down, his fingers quaking as he pulled the trigger and shot me on my arm. At first, I didn't really realise what happened but then as I felt the pain my right hand moved up to hold the wound on my left arm as I held it where it was shot.

A grim expression remained planted on my face and I staggered a few steps back but refused to sow weakness as I thought about it again and again on the plan to give up and just pull my revolver out and shoot him directly on his head.

"Look! What you have made me. You have turned me into a filthy monster. It's all because of you!" his voice cracked at the end.

"Do you remember Gina?" he asked almost immediately as he looked at me with a dark expression on his face "Of course you do! How could you not know who Gina is oh! my bad! I must say who Gina was!" he said and that made me stand straight as I tried to forget the pain that I was feeling and stood on my ground.

"She- She was my sister. My younger sister and do know what happened to her? She died! Because of you!" pain etched his face as he said her name.

"She loved you. She had never loved anyone in her life and she loved you so much and it is why because of you bastard! She ended her life. What did she get for loving you? Huh?" he yelled pointing the revolver at me "What did she get? Death! You bastard abandoned her when she needed you and you made her feel worthless, finally my sister chose to end her life. Do you fucking know how much my dad and I suffered because of you? We couldn't get the justice we wanted but I- I promised her that I will find you and make you pay for it and finally its the day!" he laughed as he spoke.

"Look!" I said but he yelled stopping me in the middle "Shut up! Nothing that you will say will make me change my mind."

"I'm going to kill you today, here and right now!" he looked stubbornly determined but I couldn't care less what he wanted. The fact was, I was standing quietly hearing and tolering him only because he was the brother of Gina and only for the sake of Juliette.

"Fine! Don't listen to me. I know you had it tough because of me but the truth is I never abandoned Gina. I had wanted to meet you and sort things out but I could never do that due to certain circumstance, " I said and he narrowed his eyes before shouting "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is... you've been mistaken. It was not for me that Gina attempted suicide, " I told him and I watched as his eyes grew wider before he grew even more angrier than he already was.

"You liar! Don't you fucking dare lie on my fa-"

"Look at this then!" I said as I pulled a paper out from my pocket and forwarded it towards him, " he looked at my hand and then back at me but still not putting the revolver down as in a confused state of mind he came forward and cautiously took the paper out of my hand.

I watched as he unfolded the paper and read it quietly before his eyes grew wider and his hands trembled in shock. I knew that he would definitely had this reaction when he gets to know about Gina. I knew he was never been told about this before and it was why he was so dead set for revenge but then I was also drowning with guilt as I was also somehow responsible for her death. What I did back then was purely stupid.

I remember when I had found about Gina's medical condition when I was dating her and somehow I had skipped the part of the story from Juliette that Gina was a HIV positive patient. And the actual reason why she had attempted suicide was because of this and not me. I had her autopsy report back then and I was so filled with guilt for not being with her at least as a friend and I had wanted to let this report to her family but I couldn't as I was immediately taken away from the case and I couldn't contact them. And not wanting the situation to be known to media and as my name was into it too because I was the last person with Gina, Gale had this situation covered up and it was why her autopsy report was never handed to her family and as I had assumed everyone had blamed me for it.

"Th-This can't be. My sister can't-" Alex's hand trembled as his eyes teared up as he read the old autopsy report again and again.

"What I had always wanted to let

on leaving me loads of work, that I couldn't even finish even though it was over a year now.

"I will end this up and come back tomorrow. I swear my love, " I said as I looked at the files and heard a knock on my door. Cristina walked in holding a tray of food and I looked at the watch to find it was already the lunch break.

"Sir, you need to do your lunch. You've not eaten anything from yesterday, " she said and I smiled at her nodding at her as I signalled her to put the tray down on my desk. She did it and gave me a small smile before leaving.

"So, I was is my daug- Hello?" I looked at my phone to find the connection disconnected. Sighing, I kept the phone down and ate my lunch peacefully before jumping back to work again.

Exactly, four in the evening when the door of my office slammed open and I looked up ready to yell thinking it was Cosmina or probably Cristina but shocked to find Juliette, dressed in a black pencil skirt and a black blazer with a white shirt underneath as she slammed the door shut and walked towards me.

"Juliette? What are you doing here?" I asked as I remained seated in my position too shocked to move.

"Come here!" she leaned down on my desk and in a swift moment pulled my tie "What are you doi-" and planted her lips onto mine. I was too shocked even to register what just happened but then felt her kissing me aggressively and no sooner felt her hands moving towards my shirt and yanking it open. Immediately, due to lack of romance since seven to eight months, I found myself turned on and I kissed back trying to open her blazer and her shirt. She was immediately on my desk right before and I couldn't even quite make it out when I had my pants down and I was making love to her on my desk with her moaning and pulling my hair.

The situation was so heated up that both of our eyes were filled with lust and I kissed her face not getting enough of her.

By the time, we were done she leaned over me and had her head on my shoulder as she took deep breaths and I found myself out of breath, shocked and finally grunted not getting enough of her. She climbed down my desk and I gave her some space as she pulled her skirt down and held her purse that she had thrown on the ground previously. Her shirt was still open and before I could reach to button it up she made her way towards the door.

"Hey! Where....Where are you going?" I asked as she looked at me buttoned up a few buttons before turning around and winked at me "Shopping, " she said and opened the door. Quickly, putting up my pants and tucking my shirt in, I ran after her as I watched the brunette with brown long hair walking past Cristina but stopping right before her "Is my hair okay?" she asked and Cristina smiled at her before nodding and soon her eyes traveled down to Juliette's unbuttoned shirt.

"Oh just the buttons, " Juliette laughed and hurriedly buttoned up her shirt.

"Honey it's alright! I can go back to the car by myself. Don't worry, " Juliette turned around to leave but I stopped her as I held her hand and looked back at Cristina "I am off for today, " I told her and she nodded watching both of us as we made towards the elevator.

"Seriously Zachary I can go back on my own, " Juliette huffed once we were inside the elevator.

"Sure, you can" I rolled my eyes as I pressed the 'G' button "Where is Veronica?" I asked and she replied "with your mom and Gale."

Even though nothing seemed to settle down with me and Gale, it seemed he was the perfect grandfather for Veronica as he loved her dearly and spent most of his time with her. I didn't seem to mind as long as he stayed away from me and my work. At first, to be honest I was cautious with Gale being around Veronica but then it seemed he saw Rose, my sister in her and it was why I didn't interfere much to Juliette's relief.

"Where are we going?" she asked as we sat down in our seats and put on our seat belts.

"To end the game that you had just begun, " I winked at her making he giggle.

Through odds and evens we sailed through all problems together and held hands as we continued to watch over our daughter Veronica who seemed to grow up quickly but at the same time giving us immense happiness and power to overcome the difficulties. It was us, the Sullivan family.

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