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   Chapter 28 No. 28

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Everything was so dark and I could hardly see anything that was around me. After tripping and stumbling a few times, I figured it out that it would be a better idea to sit down or else I knew I would my baby. Exhausted, I sat down on the floor and hugged my knees feeling little cold and scared.

Has Zachary find out that I'm missing?

The question kept on nagging my mind and internally I was growing even more desperate and agitated thinking why Zachary hasn't come to get me and who kidnapped me. My thoughts wandered off to Kiara.

Where is she?

"Kiara...where ar-" I was cut off when I heard someone groaning.

Alert, I stood back up and held the bars of the gate thinking that someone was around who could me out. I heard someone groaning and groggily asking for water and then the voice died down. I was just about to call for help when out of nowhere a blood curdling scream caught me off guard and I stumbled a few steps back, surprised.

"What the fuck?" I heard the woman and immediately recognised the voice of Kiara.

It was Kiara.

"Where the fuck am I? I- I" and she screamed again and I heard something falling and the next moment she was banging something on what felt like iron rods and I was back on my place "Kiara?"

"J-Juliette?" I heard her frantic voice for help.

"Kiara? Where are you?" I called her and she sobbed before replying "I don't fucking know, where the fuck am I? What the fuck is going on?" she cried and i heard her banging on the gate using something.

"I don't know...when I opened my eyes, I found myself in here, locked inside this room and nowhere out! Nobody came to meet and I have screaming for help from hours, " I said as fast as I could.

"W-What happened? How did we even end up here? I remember making the pasta and we eating and..." she trailed off and kept quiet for some moments before speaking or should I say yelling "Did that fucking guards of yours do something to the chicken?"


"When he got me the chicken, I felt little weird. He looked really nervous when he handed me the chicken, but I brushed it off thinking it was nothing and I was just being paranoid or something. Did that fucking man do something that made us pass out?"she exclaimed and I heard her groaning.

"Why the hell did I cook that chicken even if I knew that something was off?" she started blaming herself and I couldn't help it any further and I cried.

"Juliette?" I heard he concerned voice.

"Kiara, my bab

at exactly did I offer them in return? Just nothing.

I was a loser and complete useless.

Everytime, it was only me who fell in trouble and they would always come for me wanting to save me and asked nothing in return.

Tears pooled my eyes and streamed down my face as I thought about it again and again. I didn't really deserve them. Not even Zachary. The guy had just enough in plate and then I was there to add more of troubles to it. I couldn't give him any happiness. Even though he yelled at me and raised his hands at me when I fought with Loana, somehow down there I knew he was suffering a lot and he just had enough of it. I continued adding problems to his life.

It would have been a lot good if I wasn't there.

It would have been a lot better. if we had never come across each other.

I couldn't even tell him that Gina's death was not his fault. I wish to get back in time and erase the guilt that he had locked up in him for years. If only I had helped him getting over it in place of adding more troubles.



I heard Kiara snapping at me and I wiped off my tears as I got up from my place responding to her "What?"

"Do you hear that?" she said and that made me crease my eyebrows in confusion.

"Hear what?"

"Its like someone shouting and I don't know. There's something going on out there, i hear some sirens as well, " she said and immediately I was alert as I tried to hear it and as she said surely I did hear some sounds and siren.

"I do! I do!" I exclaimed out of happiness.

"Oh my god! Is that the police?" her voice broke at the end and I knew she was crying out of joy.

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