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   Chapter 21 No. 21

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You can't ever predict what life has for you. When you expect something it doesn't goes the way you want and when you least expect something to happen, you get a surprise and it is where you are confused about your life and it makes you think hard whether the things that are happening is for good or bad. Like a deer caught on a spotlight, I watched as Kiara looked at me visibly upset and I could feel the anxiety building up inside me as I thought the more about her.

Earlier, when I was with Alex's grandmother in a mall I was caught none other than Kiara and Kristian and she refused to believe that I was someone else named Ivona. Even though I had dyed my hair, still she refused to believe that it wasn't my real hair colour and I was indeed the same Juliette she knew as her best friend. I was so busy Alex's grandmother trying my best to take all information about Alex's past life out of her that I didn't realise when I was noticed.

Looking at the current state of Kiara, I was sure that she had already heard the conversation between me and Zachary and she had already known the truth.

"So? How longer did you plan on playing the act Ms. Ivona or should I say Mrs. Juliette Sullivan?" she said in a taut voice and I shifted on my position looking back at Zachary who wore his sunglasses and shoved his hands into his pant pockets avoiding Kristian's penetrating gaze.

We were inside in Zachary's house as we stood in three different corners of the house with Zachary sitting casually as if nothing happened in his lounge, Kiara and Kristian stood together near the piano while I stood near the balcony thinking of a way to start a conversation.

"So you knew who I was back in that mall, right?" she asked and I looked up at her to reply but she scoffed at me and held her forehead laughing sarcastically.

"Of course you did!" she answered her own question and it was when Kristian spoke up "And you! You knew all this from the beginning didn't you? Still you made me work in your absence and here you are enjoying with your wife or should I say, " he air quoted the word "Late" before eying me up and down and glaring back at Zachary "Wife, "

Zachary chose to keep his mouth shut as he sat there on the lounge and remained mute looking anywhere but at him.

"What great actors, " Kristian remarked in a disbelief and huffed "Should we clap for your brilliant performance?" he mocked us and then clapped his hands keeping his words.

"Kiara, I can explain, " I said and she narrowed her eyes at me.

"Oh so you know my name? I thought you don't even know me, " she said in a toneless voice.

Pursing my lips I looked back at Zachary for some help but all he did was shrug his shoulders in response clearly telling me that I have to deal the situation all by myself because I was the one who planned all this from beginning.

I remember the day when we planned all this in the hospital. Zacha


"How can you be so sure about that?" Kiara asked and before I could argue Zachary spoke up "Because she is not going back!" he said and I huffed in response.

"Again! We are just back to square one!" I murmured annoyed by Zachary's argument of sending me back to Alex. We have been fighting over it since morning but yet he keeps standing to his decisions.

"Yes, don't send her to him, " Kiara said finally smiling and looked back at me "He is right. Don't go back. We are here and we are going to help you. I-" she held my hands and looked at me with determination "I promise we are going to find the one who has done this to you."

"But Kiara. Everything will fail if I don't go back. Do you know what will happen? Alex will know everything and we can never catch-"

"The only thing you need to do now is to rest and take care of yourself. Leave the rest to me. But this is more important and this is decided that you're not going there anymore, " he said sternly when Kristian spoke up "Yes, now we are with you as well. I'm sure he has something planned in his head so rest assured and leave everything to us."

I looked back and forth at the three of them and I understood that no matter how much I tried I couldn't manipulate them and finally I gave up and thought about it and sighed.

"Fine! Do whatever you all want, " I said and pushing past Kiara I walked towards the bedroom but I could hear them calling for me.

I just don't understand why Zachary doesn't want to proceed with this plan. We were just so close to reach the end. Just what made him change the plan all of a sudden.

Does he not wish to find the person?

But amidst all this things, I was sure of one thing and it was whatever Zachary was doing I was sure that he wasn't backing off because of my pregnancy. Either he wants to hold the matter for some days or my lips quirked up as I realised is behaviour "or perhaps he has already caught the one."

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