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   Chapter 20 No. 20

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Zachary Pov

"Congratulations. She is going to be a mother, "

The doctor's words kept on echoing in my mind and I could feel a pit of happiness evolving inside my chest as I thought about it again and again. Juliette made me the most happiest man in the whole world. From the day, she came into my life, she has brought only happiness for me which I really feel grateful off but then this news is just above all the happiness.

I am soon going to be a father. A father.

Whenever I utter the word 'father' it makes me feel something new. Earlier, it was just a word for me but now it's going to be a title for me. I am a father now.

I watched as she slept soundly holding her belly and her other hand resting over mine. She was ecstatic when she heard the news but then she was tired and felt nauseous and I thought it would be better for her if she rested for a while before I had to leave her back to that apartment. Thinking of that, makes me feel restless. I can't send her back to him. Not when she is pregnant and seeing the stunt that she pulled yesterday, that makes me feel even more worried.

What if she does that again when I'm not around?

Just the thought of it gave me chills. I couldn't take any risk now. Not when she is in this state. I just can't let anything happen to both of them.

Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes for a minute and then decided it for the betterment of Juliette. This should end. And then called the person who has been working his ass off remaining in the shadows.

"Willi, "

"Yes, before you say something I have a news, " he said and that got my attention.

"Found ya' stabber, " he laughed venomously and that cracked a smile on my face in triumphant.

"You sure?" I asked wanting to make sure if he actually found the traitor but I knew that he must have found him or her because he never fails in his work.

He chuckled in response and cleared his throat before replying "I'm sure you have had your plans ready to torture the traitor but let me warn you something you wouldn't like who it is, " he said and I just scoffed in return.

"I am sure its Ga-"

"Ah! Ah! No! He is not the one .... he said and that had me all confused.


"Then who is it that is has become the enemy of Juliette and had tried to kill her and get me? I was thinking Gale is the only one who has always wanted to hurt me but then wh-" I said but stopped mid sentence realising something.

"Don't tell me...."

"I think you have got it..." he chuckled and I had my hand over my head in frustration.

"Just no! Just no!" I groaned balling my fist angrily.

"Unfortunately....Yes. And the person is...."

Sitting next to Juliette I watched her sleep soundly unaware of the world that is after her. I have promised her that I would protect her from every pain and sufferings but here I am, sitting next to her cursing our fate for giving us so much of trouble to endure. The people whom we had doubts has no hand in anything that has been happening to us.

But the question is why and what made that p

g about myself? Oh am I? Why do you think am I doing this?" she retorted back and I had my fist formed into a ball out of anger and also for the fact that I had to continuously remind myself that she was pregnant and I needed to calm down and calm her down as well. But she had something else in her mind.

"No arguments!" putting up a finger towards her direction I made sure that my words were clear enough for her to be heard and wished her to stop arguing.

A few hours ago she received a call from that mutt Alex who told her that he wanted to take her to his father and discuss about the wedding.

Wedding my ass!

I had changed my mind on letting her be with him and have finally decided that I should finally put an end to this but Juliette being Juliette, the stubborn woman she is still adamant on finding the traitor for me and it why she wishes to be Alex even though she knew he was a threat to her and also to our baby. And even though I knew who the traitor was I couldn't even unveil the traitor out before Juliette worrying about her health.

What if she suffers a Trauma?

I couldn't see her break down and in no means I would let her crumble down. If it means I had to fight with her then so be it. I am ready to suffer her wrath.

"Look Zachary! I-" she began but was cut off abruptly by me as I held a hand out to show her that I wasn't listening. But then what seemed like it triggered her because as soon as I held my hand out her expression changed to a vile one and she marched off to me stomping her feet angrily as she held the collar of my shirt and pulled me to her angrily as she gritted out "Don't you dare behave this way with your wife!"

And before I could speak up, I felt a presence and as if Juliette felt it too she looked towards our side still holding my collar and I watched as her expression changed to a shocked one and she let go of my collar. I looked towards the direction where she was looking and it was where I saw a flustered Kristian and an angry looking upset Kiara looking our way

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