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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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"What do you think you were doing?" he held my shoulder while I tried my best not to meet his eyes because I felt ashamed of what I was about to do a few hours ago.

"Juliette, answer me, " he pressed and I closed my eyes shut not wanting to answer him.

"Yo- You out of your mind?" he withdrew his hands off me as he raked a hand through his hair and turned around heaving a sigh. I looked up through my lashes and seeing his tensed back made me feel even more regretful and guilt lashed up me as I knew I was the reason of his bothered state.

Unconsciously, my hand reached forward and before I knew it I was hugging his back wrapping my arms around his chest as I pressed my forehead against his back.

"Juliette?" he asked as it looked he was slightly taken aback my action.

"I'm sorry, " suddenly my voice cracked up and I felt him tensing up under m touch.

"I'm really sorry, " my chest vibrated as I broke down letting the tears flowing down my face.

"Hey!" he took hold of my hand and turned around. I looked down and cried silently whilst he held my hand and leaned down to kiss my forehead softly "Do you know how dangerous it was? He could've killed you. What were you thinking love? It isn't like you. What made you take that step?" he asked as softly as he could but that made me cry even harder.

"I'm sorry. I am really sorry, "

"Hey look at me. Now don't cry. Juliette, " he held my face in his warm hand and wiped the tears away as he smiled gently "It's alright now. I'm here....for you, "

"No! I'm not saying sorry for what I just did, " I said with a hoarse voice and he frowned before looking down at me with confusion clear in his face.

"I'm saying sorry for you have to face all this because of me. I'm the one because of whom you have to suffer all-"

"Juliette we have disc-" I cut him off before continuing "No, let me speak today. Do you think I am stupid? Well I may be but I'm not stupid enough to miss the loneliness in your eyes. The worry you have for me, the sufferings, I know its must be hard for you to see me with him, I know everything and yet I can't do anything for you. In fact, I'm the reason why you have to do...we have to do this. I can't stand a single minute with him knowing that he tried to harm my husband. I hate him, " I said and looked down at my hand.

"And I'm not at all sorry for what I just did. Nope. Not at all. I wanted to kill him and I think..." I looked back at him to find him with a startled expression "I will kill him, " I said and before he knew it I dashed towards the door.

"Juliette!" he was right behind me as I ran towards the elevator. The elevator door pinged open but before I could enter he got me and held my hand firmly pulling me out of the elevator.

"Let go of me Zachary. Leave me. I will kill him, " I said all the while struggling aga

as it drawn into me "But why did you call the doctor? What happened to me?" I asked and he smiled at my question.

"Juliette..." he spoke and sat on the bed pulling me into his arms before covering me with the duvet. My head was on his chest while we lay down on the bed and his chin over my head, as he wrapped his hands around me, and somehow I felt his possessiveness over me.

"It was not you when you tried to kill Alex, "

"I-" he hushed me and I refrained myself from talking "It was not you. Not my Juliette. The Juliette I know can never harm anyone...not even her enemy. But now I understand what made you do that. In fact, I should be the one who should ask for forgiveness not you. I should be the one who should be sorry. I should've protected you but it was the circumstances and I failed." His voice slowed down at the end and that worried me.

What is he talking about?

Why is he bringing all those topics back?

"But somehow I understand why I failed. I had never promised you anything. Perhaps, I'm the one who is at fault. And certainly I am. I made myself miserable and showed myself miserable before you... that I forgot how much it effected you. I forgot that you loved me and you can't see me in miserable condition like the way I can't see you like that. At the end, you kept it all inside yourself and it was for me. You held that knife for me wanting to protect me, " he kissed my head and I could feel the tears forming in my eyes. I had to bite my lip from sobbing.

" A man learns from his mistake and now I won't repeat the same mistake. I will protect you and I promise you I will be strong. Strong enough to protect my family and my love and..." he stopped for a while that made me look up at him in confusion.

"And?" I asked urging him to continue further.

"my...our baby." he finished with a smile while I looked up at him with eyes like saucers.

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