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   Chapter 16 No. 16

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Hatred, I have felt it before. I've seen myself being engulfed into the darkness of hatred. I hated everything about me to the extent that I even questioned my own existence. It was as if there was no reason for my existence and there was no reason for me live. At that time, all I wanted was to end my life. Trust, faith...I had believed that this was just mere words until the day when somebody broke it. My trust was broken, my faith in God and love was broken the day when I was cheated in love.

Until the day I found Zachary.

I couldn't even realize, when he became the most important person in my life.

Day by day, I found myself trusting him more than anyone else and when I did that... when I finally started trusting was like I was finally able to find myself, my existence. It felt as if my whole life I've been living a fake world until I found him and everything in my surrounding seemed to be real and wonderful.

Trust grew up to be faith.

I had faith...hopes on him that he would make everything right for me. He would actually save me from my darkness, my hatred and will eventually help me in forgetting the ugly past of loving Emmett and it was how it went. He stood on all my hopes and found his way towards my heart.

And then I started loving him.

It wasn't about his looks or money, it was just him. Only him. I was sure he could've handled me and I would've fallen in love with him even if he didn't have his wealth to impress me. The words he used, the way he expressed his love, the way he looked at me was enough for me to fall head over heels for him. And it was when I hated myself even more for not waiting for him to come into my life. I knew he was my soul mate and instead of going over the edge for loving would've been better if I had waited for him. I wanted to be his first love and I wanted him to be my first and last but I ruined it all.

I had to choose Emmett.

But life had planned something else for me and it was when Emmett's ugly truth was unveiled and it was how Zachary entered my life. I was glad he came for me.

I was stupid enough not to believe that Emmett was my only love. I was wrong. Zachary proved me wrong and he poured all his emotions out on me and I loved him back. Sometimes, I found myself questioning the silliest question to myself if I were the one who loved Zachary the most or the love that Zachary had for me was much more than what I did.

He proved me wrong every time.

Every single time.

And I was glad I was the one who was wrong. Like every single time, he came forward to help me without any selfishness and hesitation and it was why I could feel all his agony when he engulfed me in his arms. I could feel his heavy breath as his chest pressed into mine and he buried his head in the crook of my neck, I could feel all his sufferings.

A month. It had been a month since I was pulled out of his life and I imagined what he had to go through in my absence.

"Did you miss me?" I asked as I felt him silent for a while with me still in his arms.

"Zachary?" I spoke up and ran my hands all over his back.


sing thinking about Zachary.

What if she gets out and tries to kill the guy?

No! Zachary, please stay calm.

Juliette, you need to stay calm too.

Don't react.

They can't hurt Zachary.

I felt as the bed shook a little when the guy who was sitting near my foot got up from the bed and I had imagined in my mind that he would definitely go towards the room's window and what if he pulls the curtains aside? Zachary!

Oh my god! Zachary.

So, it was what I did. I did what was right at the moment to gain their attention and stop the guy from getting to Zachary who was still behind the curtain. I went against Zachary's wishes and slowly opened my eyes.

"P-Patient? The patient has opened her eyes, " the doctor said as he began to check my nerves and the other guy ran towards me and looked at me. I could clearly see his face but I averted my gaze away from their direction pretending to adjust my gaze and blinked my eyes a few times.

"Can you hear me?" the doctor asked as he checked my eyes and held my hand in his checking the nerves.

I'm sorry Zachary.

I hope you forgive me for this but I'm doing this for you.

I love you and I shall protect you even if I had to die.

I looked at the guy and I could feel the anger inside me when I saw his face. I had never seen him around beforehand but the fact that he wanted to hurt Zac had me on my nerves. The first impression I had of him was hatred. I hated him the moment I saw him cause he was the cause of all the miseries and sufferings Zachary had to go through when he pulled me away from his life and as I looked at his face with an expression void of any emotions, I promised myself that I would definitely make his life a hell and he would curse the day for even thinking of hurting the Sullivans.

"W-Who are you?" I asked in a hoarse voice. The guy clenched his jaw and moved forward to speak up but stopped when I chose to speak cutting him up "And who am I? Where is this place?" his eyes widened and he looked troubled as he looked at the doctor who looked back at him puzzled by my reaction.

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