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   Chapter 15 No.15

Irresistible Love By S.S.Sahoo Characters: 11609

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Two months ago....

It's all over.

Do you hear me?

It wasn't how it was supposed to be! You could've killed her.

I heard a faint voice as I found myself regain my consciousness. A groan escaped my mouth but as soon as I opened my eyes they shut down immediately for the brightness. But then slowly, I opened my eyes and looked around to find myself in what looked like a hospital room. I had IVs attached to my body and a thin oxygen pipe was attached to my nose. I tried to get up but then my body didn't respond to my wishes and that caused me to fall right back on the bed and before I knew it I had lost my consciousness once again.

Her vitals seems to be stable now.

I think the patient would come to senses any moment now.

Is she alright?

We can't really tell that. As soon as she regains her consciousness, we all shall know it.

It's a relief!

I could hear those people speak and could literally feel their stares on my body but I couldn't move. I just couldn't feel my body and it became frustrating for me. Suddenly, I felt something cold on my face and it when I began to feel everything.

I felt the cool air touching my skin and I could literally smell something medicinal and it was when I found myself opening my eyes and then looked frantically.

"Where is thi-s place?" I murmured as I stared only at the ceiling of the room but then recognized the place as a hospital room.

I was admitted.

"W-What? What happened?" I questioned myself and tried to get up but then stopped when I felt the needles inserted into my hand as IV drips.

Nobody was in the room and I expected for someone to be near to offer me some water. I could feel my throat dried up and the moment all I needed was water. But then questions arose on my mind thinking how was I admitted to the hospital and what really happened.

How did I end up here?

I wondered and tried to think of whatever I remembered and then like a spear being thrown, memories of what exactly happened flashed through my mind and it was when I remembered everything.

"Z-Zachary, " was the only name that came out of my mouth.

"Zachary. Oh my god! Wh-What really happened? Where is he?" I muttered to myself before looking around but was soon disappointed when I didn't find him around.

"Where in the world is he? He should have been here, next to me bu-" I spoke irritated and remembered I had met with an accident last night and remembered my car being hit by a truck as my car fell off the bridge and into the river. I looked at my hands and body to find faint bruises all over it and touched my face to find it swollen and had a bandage wrapped my forehead.

The last thing I remembered was...when I opened my eyes I found myself in the water and I thought I would lose consciousness any second. The driver's body was right before me and I had no idea if he was dead or alive but still holding his collar I found myself swimming out of the already broken window towards the surface. It was dark and as I swam towards the surface, I could feel my legs giving in and at the moment I knew we were in deep water...still for the sake of Zachary I swam towards the surface hoping that if I reach the surface I would definitely live but then I felt my lungs giving in and it was when I found myself losing consciousness.

"But where is he?" I thought and then tried to get rid of the drips before deciding upon investing about his whereabouts on my own.

"You better h

blivious to the fact that I was indeed alive.

"Were you drinking?" I asked and then heard him gasp.

"Where are you?" he said almost immediately and not wanting to fight him for ignoring my question I told him my whereabouts and I could hear the background noise of jingling of keys and ignition of the car before the call got disconnected of its own.

"What the fuck?" I said it out loud when I checked the network long gone.

"Shit!" I cursed under my breath but thankfully I had managed to tell him about my location and I was sure he would reach me any second.

"Exactly! Shit!" a voice behind me made me jump up from my place as I turned to look at the person to be the same person whose phone I took out sneakily a few minutes ago. The guy crossed his arms over his chest as he narrowed his eyes at me and then at the phone I was holding.

"If you are done with your conversation then can I get my phone back? I have urgent calls to make!" he snarled at me and almost immediately I handed his phone back to him with a sheepish grin on my face.

"Uh..." I trailed off not knowing what to say.

"You could've asked... it was not like as if I wouldn't have helped a stranger for a phone call and that to a ..." he eyes me up and down before continuing "patient."

"Uh... Thank you for your help. Arigato!" I bowed my head down and dashed towards my room.

Shit! Now I shall be labeled as the thief patient in this hospital. I'm sure he is going to complain about me. Shit!

As I sat back on the bed ashamed and flushed for being caught the door flew open a bewildered I looked at the person to find the person none other than Zachary. He stood there, at the entrance of just staring at me with wide eyes but as I got up from the bed he realized I was alive and was right before him the look on his face changed from shock to relief and the next moment he ran up to me engulfing me into his arms.

"I knew it that you were alive my love. I knew it. Oh my lord. Oh my love, " he held me tightly in his arms blocking the air out of my lungs and cried sounding desperate. And at that exact moment I felt all his miseries and even though he told me nothing, his condition and his voice clearly told me that he was in a much more miserable condition than I really was while I was in the hospital.

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