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   Chapter 368 Extra Story No. 38 About Jeremy Si

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5254

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Suddenly, he lifted her up and carried her to a makeshift bed in the bathroom, and then he went into the bedroom himself.

A moment later, Jeremy came back to the bathroom, carrying the gift box he had thrown on the bed earlier.

He grinned slyly and opened the box in front of Olivia.

The box was filled with a lot of things. Olivia was confused at first sight, so she took a closer look at them. Instantly, her face flushed bright red. She said angrily, "Jeremy, you... are such a shameless man!"

Jeremy took out one of the items in the box and shook it in front of her, saying, "I have a good friend who sells these adult products. I specially requested him to give me all the latest products in his shop. I've also learned how to use them. I did all these to make you... happy. Hahaha..."

'Happy? Are you kidding me? You are meaning to kill me!' thought Olivia angrily.

Olivia immediately jumped off the bed, put on her slippers and rushed towards the door of the bathroom.

However, she was not as fast as Jeremy, who had already reached the door and blocked her way. She ended up running into his arms.

Jeremy had felt extremely satisfied with Olivia's reactions tonight.

He dragged her back to the bed in the bathroom and started his punishment on her.

Olivia felt helpless but she couldn't ask anyone for help...

Luckily, Jeremy was not entirely ruthless. He carried her back to the bedroom a few moments later.

Olivia thought Jeremy was generous to let her go. However, she was wrong. It was only the beginning of her nightmare.


ving a car race with his friends when he suddenly received Janet's call. "Jeremy, Olivia is attending a dinner party with some clients, " said Janet anxiously on the phone.

"Okay!" Jeremy felt that it was normal to have dinner with clients.

"But... Mr. Wen is also attending the dinner party. He is quite fond of Olivia, and we have to sign a contract with his company tonight, so I am afraid..."

Jeremy held his breath when he heard his mother mention Mr. Wen. But he pretended to be relaxed and said, "Then ask dad to go to the dinner party himself. If he goes there, everything should be fine."

"Your dad is attending the president's banquet tonight. Fine, if you are busy now, I will ask Mr. Liu, the deputy CEO to go help Olivia." She didn't try to persuade him, but said it with a hint of pity.

'Mr. Liu? Isn't he also a man?' thought Jeremy. He started to picture the scene in his mind, where another man approached Olivia... and she would have had some wine at the dinner, so a man, a woman, with the chemistry of alcohol...

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