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   Chapter 367 Extra Story No. 37 About Jeremy Si

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5372

Updated: 2018-11-12 00:18

After Jeremy had sent off his friends, he stopped walking tipsily as he did earlier in front of the other people, but started to walk steadily upstairs, while holding a gift box in one hand.

When he reached the door of his bedroom, he stopped there and stared at the white wooden door, deep in thoughts.

He knew that once he pushed the door open, the woman inside would really become his wife.

He didn't like Olivia Xia, actually, he even hated her a bit. He found her to be even more troublesome than his father, Daniel. She always kept nagging him about everything.

But when he remembered the movies he had seen with his friends just now, Jeremy found himself desiring for something.

He shook his head to sober up and pushed the door open.

As soon as Olivia heard the noise, she immediately hid herself under the quilt.

Jeremy threw the gift box on the bed and said, "Hey, do you know where I have just been?"

Olivia managed to compose herself and slowly sat up on the bed. She was about to get off the bed, and said, "I am going to prepare the water for your bath."

Jeremy noticed that Olivia had already removed her makeup and changed into a red night gown.

He didn't refuse her and followed her to the door of the bathroom. He put on an evil smile as he looked at the woman busy preparing the bathing water, and said playfully, "I have watched a few movies with my good friends this whole afternoon. The action movies!"

Olivia was already a grown-up adult. She wasn't stupid, so of course, she understood what the so called action movies he mentioned actually meant... But s

d Jeremy. He forced her to look at him. He held her chin and raised it, making her look at him.

Olivia felt surprised when she saw his body. The last time, when she helped him put on his clothes, she kept her eyes closed the whole time.

She hadn't seen his whole body clearly. But now, since he was standing beside the bathing pool, naked, and she had seen everything clearly. 'Oh, my god! His pecs, abs... all the muscles are tight and well-proportioned...' Olivia marvelled in her mind.

She didn't know when Jeremy had gone to a gym to exercise.

"Are you satisfied with what you are looking at?" Jeremy's sudden voice interrupted Olivia's thoughts.

She foolishly nodded her head, and swallowed, which made Jeremy proudly burst into laughter.

With satisfaction, Jeremy loosened his grip on her wrists and got into the pool.

He lay casually in it with his eyes closed. He instructed the woman huddling in the corner, "Come here. Massage me."


Olivia had no choice but to massage him. But, he kept fondling the different parts of her body.

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