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   Chapter 365 Extra Story No. 35 About Jeremy Si

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7944

Updated: 2018-11-11 15:16

"Hey, get up." Jeremy cried out and kicked the sofa.

The woman sleeping on the sofa frowned but didn't move.

Olivia was a light sleeper. Her sleep was interrupted when Jeremy kicked the sofa.

"The temperature here is between 10 to 20 degrees, and yet you slept on the sofa just underneath your overcoat. Do you want to die of cold, so my father would beat me to death?" Jeremy said. Finally, Jeremy's yelling woke up Olivia from her deep sleep.

She got up from the sofa and yawned, "Jeremy Si, I wasn't sleeping on your bed as I promised you. I've had a busy day, so I'm still very sleepy now. Could you just leave me alone?"

With his hands on his hips, Jeremy said demandingly, "My father will be back tomorrow. if you freeze to death, my happy days will be over. Go and sleep on the sofa of my bedroom."

By then Olivia was completely awake. She asked, "How about I go to sleep in the guest room?"

"You are intentionally making trouble for me, aren't you? Don't you remember my father's warning?"

"Well, I do remember. I'll be quiet about it. If you keep it a secret, he will never know about it." Since his twin sisters got married, Jeremy seemed like the bully of the family.

Jeremy was afraid of his father, so when Daniel was home, he couldn't afford to be so arrogant. However, Janet always liked to say nice things about Jeremy to Daniel. As a result of her spoiling Jeremy, he was still immature and often acted out of control when his father was away.

Without a second thought, Jeremy nodded, "Okay, then go now."

"But, you must get up on time and go to the office with me tomorrow, " Olivia requested.

"Hmm, you wish! Why should I listen to you?" Jeremy thought, 'Since dad is on a business trip, I can do whatever I want. Does Olivia think that I am afraid of her?'

"Okay. We'll see." Olivia placed her coat and directly walked towards Jeremy's bed.

Jeremy hurriedly followed and took Olivia by her wrist just as she was about to sit on his bed. He complained, "You're such a horrible woman! As a woman, aren't you supposed to be gentle or vivacious? I've never seen a woman as bothersome and overbearing as you!"

Olivia glanced at his hand and asked, "When are you going to wake up tomorrow?"

"That's none of your business."

Taking advantage of Jeremy's distraction, Olivia quickly sat on his bed.

Jeremy gritted his

e house.'

Olivia patted herself on the forehead and thought, 'Jeremy must be the devil.'

Jeremy had locked the windows as well as the door of the balcony, so that Olivia didn't have any choice but to stay in that room. Olivia thought for a long time and tried many ways, but still failed to get out of Jeremy's bedroom.

At noon, two bodyguards knocked and opened the door. They were there to bring Olivia her lunch.

They paid no attention to whatever Olivia was saying. After putting Olivia's lunch on the table, they locked the door and left.

Then, in the afternoon, Olivia's colleagues needed to ask her for some important documents. But since they hadn't been able to reach neither Olivia or Jeremy for a long time, they had no choice but to contact Daniel's assistant.

In the early morning, Jeremy had asked Janet to hang out and spend time with her friends. She went to an art show with one of her friends, and had not returned home before Daniel called her. It was four o'clock in the afternoon when Janet got Daniel's call. She didn't realize that Olivia had been locked in the bedroom by Jeremy until she got home.

After Olivia finally got out of the bedroom, she didn't say anything bad about Jeremy, but quickly rushed to take care of the company affairs first.

When Jeremy got home, Daniel called him into the study, where he had been ready to teach his son a lesson with a whip.

When Daniel was about to whip Jeremy, Olivia stopped him and said, "Uncle, his wounds haven't healed yet and we are getting married soon. If Jeremy gets hurt again..."

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