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   Chapter 364 Extra Story No. 34 About Jeremy Si

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6821

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"What did you just say?" Jeremy didn't hear her clear enough.

"I said that I'm going to buy you some formal clothes now. You can call me to ask for anything you don't understand, or you can go to the 68th floor to ask the deputy CEO." Nicole was the deputy CEO and her office was in the 68th floor.

Olivia left the office after saying that. Jeremy shouted her name behind her, but she didn't turn around.

Olivia had never bought clothes for a man before. She spent more than two hours selecting clothes for Jeremy.

It was already noon after Olivia had finished shopping. She called the phone in the General Manager's Office, but nobody answered.

Then she called his secretary to ask Jeremy's whereabouts. Apparently, not long after Olivia left the company, Jeremy had also left and hadn't been back since he left.

Olivia was fuming with anger. But on second thought, she had disregarded the fact...

The fact that Jeremy would never did what he was told and stayed in the office to work.

Olivia went back to the company office and began to look for Jeremy. When she found him, he was teasing the ladies from the Public Relations Department. Olivia walked to the back of Jeremy and heard what he was saying, "Let me treat you with lunch at KWT Restaurant. You can order whatever you like!"

The ladies all cheered at Jeremy's offer. The KWT Restaurant was a really fancy restaurant in C Country. It served French food, Thai food, Korean food, Japanese food... Whatever you wanted, you could find it there.

The food was extremely expensive here.

The average consumption per person was more than 10, 000. The cheapest set menu was more than 100, 000.

"Mr. Si." A clear and sharp voice interrupted the ladies' cheering.

They immediately sat back after seeing Olivia standing behind Jeremy, and greeted in a polite way, "Olivia."

Jeremy didn't turn around as if to show that he didn't know she was there.

Olivia looked around and stated seriously, "It's not allowed to gossip during office hours. According t

let you go as long as..."

Olivia was relieved and yielded, "You can come home whenever you want, and I won't sleep in your bed!"

When Jeremy got home, it was already 2 AM.

He pushed the bedroom door open. The lights in the room were switched off.

He thought Olivia was sleeping in his bed, so he acted like a gentleman and walked softly to the bed.

His new brown leather shoes trod on the thick carpet without making any sound.

When Jeremy got to bed, there was no one else there. He felt relieved and thought, 'Olivia is very well-behaved.

However... Where is she?'

Jeremy was injured in the back yesterday for which the doctor had given him anesthetics. He was feeling quite sleepy in the evening, so he went to sleep early yesterday.

This morning, Jeremy was woken up by Olivia. Therefore, he had no idea where Olivia slept last night.

Jeremy had searched the whole bedroom and even the bathroom, but failed to find Olivia.

Where was she?

Jeremy walked to the balcony and pulled the curtains aside. There was a sofa on the balcony and Olivia was sleeping on the sofa...

Jeremy rubbed his forehead with his hand.

This woman was so stubborn earlier today. She didn't want to suffer any loses. She even tried to control him. But then, why was she willing to sleep on a sofa in the balcony?

Hmm? What a weird woman!

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