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   Chapter 362 Extra Story No. 32 About Jeremy Si

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6387

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Janet held Daniel's arm as they were ready to go. She suddenly remembered something and said to Olivia, "Olivia, the butler has brought all your belongings here. You may want to live in the room next to Jeremy's if you feel uneasy to live in his room before marriage."

"Mom! That is my sister's room. Why would you give it to her?" Jeremy opposed at once.

"Your sister is with her husband, and now they are on vacation. They won't be back until the day before your wedding."

Daniel added, "Dear, you've mistaken our son's words. What he really wanted to say was that Olivia, as his fiancee, should not live in Melissa's room. So Olivia, I understand that you might feel averse to it, but could you just move into Jeremy's room in advance?"

"Dad! I never said that, dad... open the door, dad..."

Daniel and Janet went into their room and closed the door immediately, leaving no chance for Jeremy to resist.

Jeremy grunted at the closed door and turned around to the silent Olivia, saying angrily, "Are you dead? Why didn't you even oppose?"

"Why should I oppose?" Olivia blinked and said.

"..." Jeremy could not even utter a word but instead he pointed at Olivia, his finger trembling furiously. He was so angry that he even felt like he was about to have a heart attack.

Olivia was surprised when she followed Jeremy into his room. She realized that Jeremy's room was even bigger than her entire house.

Even a layman could tell that every piece of furniture in the room was extremely expensive. Olivia didn't even dare to lay a finger on them.

To her surprise, the room was actually very neat and clean even though its owner looked slovenly.

Noticing Olivia's surprise, Jeremy felt a bit proud, and he said, "Don't think that I have no way of taming you just because my parents are constantly supporting you. Bathroom or balcony, where do you want to sleep? Or you can choose the

girlfriend. She was a kept woman at most.

"It's none of your business." Jeremy gave her a sour look.

This girl has already had her first kiss with someone else. Although Jeremy didn't want to believe her, he had accepted it, because he had been used to seeing the promiscuous lifestyle of the people around him. He pinched her jaw, saying, "The first kiss is not important, everyone has their own history, am I right? But I am really interested in something else, like your first night. Tell me whether you still have it."

Olivia blushed with shame when she heard such a direct question. She hesitated for a while, then answered, "No!"

"Ha! You hesitated. Why don't you look me in the eye and say that? You are a liar! But don't worry..." Jeremy drew close to her again, and said with a wicked smile on face, "I will give you an unforgettable night the day we marry!"

His words repeated in Olivia's dreams, and tortured her throughout the night.

Now it was morning. Olivia kneaded her aching waist as she had been sleeping on the sofa all night. Luckily, Jeremy's balcony was not open-air and was as large as a hotel room. Thus, she was able to move the sofa there.

She opened the curtains of the bedroom, only to find Jeremy still in his bed, snoring.

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