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   Chapter 361 Extra Story No. 31 About Jeremy Si

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7273

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Si Family

When Olivia came to the study, Daniel and Janet had been waiting for her.

"You must be tired, Olivia, " said Janet as she stood up from her chair.

Olivia shook her head and said, "No, I'm fine. Thank you."

Janet held her hand, sighed and said softly, "We hope that Jeremy's friends would get to know you, so that they would believe you've been openly married to the Si family. Although Jeremy and his friends now think you've offended them, but don't you worry about it. We will stand behind you."

Janet had heard of what happened tonight from the guards.

That fact was that everything Olivia did was according to the plan Daniel and Janet. Otherwise, she would not have had offended Jeremy in front of his friends. .

Olivia looked straight into Janet's eyes and said innocently, "Auntie, actually, I always want to ask..."

"Yes, what is it?" Janet said, and brought her to the sofa.

"The thing is, I think Jeremy is not someone who is... incurable. I believe that you know how to get him back on the right path, but why do you let him go on like this for so many years in the first place... and why do you choose me?" She wondered why they wanted her to marry Jeremy.

Jeremy was a famous upper-class playboy who was worshipped like a God by everyone because of his extremely wealthy family.

But any discerning person could see his good sense of priority, because he always avoided unaffordable vices.

Janet said with a sad expression, "It's my fault. Jeremy had always loved to run counter to his father ever since he was a child. His father preferred the girls, so I had to give him more love as compensation. But, by the time I realized I had spoiled him too much, it was too late... Every time his father wanted to punish him, I would stop him...

Yes, his father is more than capable to deal with him in many other ways, but we are not going to be around to fix his problems forever. Therefore, we thought it would be best to find him someone who would be a lifelong companion to him and could restrain him from being petulant." So they found Olivia, the secretary to the general manager of SL Group.

She was young, pretty an

fell over because of Jeremy's roughness. Luckily, she reacted quickly and grabbed Jeremy by his clothes before falling to his chest.

She accidentally pulled the bandage wrapped on his body and caused him to almost howl in pain. "Damned woman! You'll surely get punished today! Somebody! Come and grab this woman!"


A steady and stern voice pierced through his command.

As soon as she heard that voice, Olivia stood respectfully at once and kept a distance from Jeremy.

Jeremy stood there lazily. "Dad, Olivia touched my wound. I must let her know what it feels like to be in pain."

"Be a real man! She is your fiancee. As a man, you should learn to be kind to your wife." Daniel couldn't bear his son's immodesty. He tried very hard to refrain himself from swiping at him.

"Ha, I don't love this woman, why should I be kind to her? Nonsense! I'm going to sleep. You are so annoying that I don't even want to see you!" said Jeremy as he walked towards his room.

"Stop right there." Daniel stopped him, "Go to the company office tomorrow. I want you to replace the General Manager and learn how to run the business!"


"Olivia and your aunt Nicole will be there to help you. Ask them for guidance if you don't understand anything."


"That is final. If I don't see you in the office at eight tomorrow morning, your wedding will be shifted to the date, half a month ahead of schedule."


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