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   Chapter 360 Extra Story No. 30 About Jeremy Si

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7873

Updated: 2018-11-10 22:32

Its value was far beyond the dress Olivia was wearing.

"Jeremy, who's that woman?" asked Faye. She pressed her face against Jeremy's chest and gripped his shirt, while she looked at Olivia with hostility.

Olivia paid no heed to Faye and looked at the glass of wine in front of Jeremy, which was almost finished.

She frowned and moved her eyes on Jeremy, who looked at her arrogantly. She confronted him, "You have wounds in your back, why are you still drinking wine?"

Jeremy sneered scornfully, "Do you really believe that you're my wife?"

Olivia looked away from Jeremy and scanned around the room with a sharp look in her eyes. "You are all Jeremy's good friends. You know that he is wounded, but you just let him drink wine at his free will. Aren't you actually killing him?"

Olivia confronted his friends and ended the last sentence with an aggressive tone.

Their hearts trembled. What a horrible accusation!

No one would want to accept the charge of killing the Si family's only heir. Jeremy's friends, who were usually very bold, wanted to say something to defend themselves, but Olivia was emanating such a strong aura that they all kept silent.

They suddenly realised why Daniel had forced his son to marry this woman. This woman might be the right one to tame Jeremy... There was a good chance that this woman could bring Jeremy under control!

Faye also felt this woman was a strong rival to her. She got panicked but managed to snap, "How could you say something like that? Marvin and the others here are all of Jeremy's closest friends. They have experienced a lot together. Please don't try to stir up trouble amongst them!"

Olivia glanced at Faye and sneered, "You are a college student. You should be in school right now, but you've escaped from your classes to play around with Jeremy. Is that what your parents have taught you? Jeremy is set to get married very soon, but you are still keeping an ambiguous relationship with him just for the money. Have you no shame anymore?"

Faye got embarrassed by Olivia's words, as her face turned red and then pale. When she was about to retort, Olivia didn't give her the chance and carried on her sermon, "Don't tell me you are doing this because of love. Even if you love Jeremy, you are still loving a man who belongs to another woman. And also, don't try to tell me

nue to have fun here, but, I am afraid you won't have a penny to pay for anything."

Jeremy tittered and slammed his glass on the table. He faced Olivia with defiance and said in an arrogant voice, "I am Jeremy Si. Did you say that I can't pay for the bill? What a big joke! Let me tell you something; my name and my presence alone is equivalent to a large amount of money! Let me see who would dare to ask me to pay the bill!"

"So, you've made up your mind that you won't leave here with me?" Olivia didn't want to waste time in arguing with him anymore. She was already very tired after a day's work.

"Yes, I won't leave!" Jeremy said bluntly.

'Does she really take herself to be my wife? It all depends on whether I accept her or not!' thought Jeremy.

Olivia shouted at the door, "Come in!"

Soon enough, four tall and strong bodyguards entered the room.

Jeremy suddenly had a bad feeling. He shouted, "Come on, get this woman out of the room!"

Olivia didn't give him any chance and ordered the bodyguards, "Bring Mr. Jeremy back home now!"


Jeremy knew Chinese Kung Fu, but since he was already wounded, he was soon man-handled by the bodyguards and was carried out of the cruise ship.

This was the first time Jeremy had been disgraced in front of his friends, and it was all because of that woman.

'Fine! I will never forget this.

You want to marry me? Okay, let's wait and see who will suffer more after we get married!' thought Jeremy angrily. He was determined to teach this woman a good lesson and expose her true face.

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