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   Chapter 359 Extra Story No. 29 About Jeremy Si

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8372

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"Kneel down!" A cold and stern voice came out from the study.

Inside the study, a father and a son stood opposite to each other. The father's cold face twitched slightly in a fit of rage.

The son didn't concede and glared back at his father. He still wanted to explain himself, but the beautiful woman next to him silently pulled his clothes to beckon him. He understood and instantly knelt down on the floor in front of the window.

"Jeremy Si! I allow you to live in your own way, but you should be aware of my only restriction on you!" Daniel Si scolded him, and took out a whip that had been passed down from the ancestors of Si family. This whip hadn't been used for many years. But now, it had been put to use frequently because the Si family had a bad son who spent most of his time idly wasting away.

Jeremy, with his grey-dyed short hair, shook his head. He argued, "It's that woman's fault. She did it on purpose. She deliberately got me drunk and slept with me. It's not my fault. Dad, shouldn't you go and punish that woman instead?"

"Shut up!" Daniel cracked the whip at the floor, sending a shiver down Jeremy's spine.

But he still couldn't help himself from trying to justify his actions, "Dad, we just slept together in the same bed, but nothing happened between us. I swear, I am not telling a lie!"

Jeremy raised his hand as if he was swearing to God.

Daniel sneered, "Your affair with Olivia Xia is already known to the whole world. Do you think the public would believe that you just slept in the same bed with her, and nothing had happened between the two of you?"

"My affair is well known to the world...thanks to your and mom's fame..." muttered Jeremy. Jeremy was the only heir to the large fortune of the Si family, which was the richest family in the world. When word got out that Jeremy had spent a night in the same room with a woman, the sensational news spread to the whole world like wildfire.

"Clap!" Daniel raised his hand and whipped Jeremy heavily on the back.

Janet Shao immediately pulled Daniel's hand, looked at him with shock and asked, "Why are you really whipping at him?"

'Didn't he say that he just wanted to scare the kid?' thought Janet worriedly.

Soon enough, a trail of blood from Jeremy's back stained his expensive pink shirt. However, Jeremy had inherited Janet's stubborn character, so even though it was very painful, he only let out a low hum without trying to beg for mercy.

"Huh! Dad, don't try to fool me. You and

was lying prone and said with respect, "Mr. Si, someone wants to see you."

"Who?" Jeremy asked lazily, without even opening his eyes.

"It's me." A cold voice attracted everyone's attention in the room.

Everyone in the room looked towards the woman at the door. Two days ago they wouldn't have known who the woman at the door was, but now, they all recognized that she was Jeremy's fiancee, Olivia Xia, due to the sensational news in just these two days.

As soon as he heard her voice, Jeremy immediately opened his eyes, sat up ignoring the pain in his back, and asked, "Why have you come here?"

The woman standing at the door was dressed in a dark blue, long dress and a pair of high-heeled shoes, with her hand clutching a creamy-white handbag.

She had put on a light makeup on her fine face. Her eyes with single-fold eyelids were lined with black eyeliner. There was a cold light flickering in her eyes. She had applied orange lipstick on her small lips.

Olivia walked towards Jeremy straight away. The woman next to Jeremy was frightened by the cold aura that emanated from Olivia. She couldn't help but move several inches backwards.

Jeremy caught a glimpse of the frightened woman next to him. He pulled the woman into his arms in front of Olivia and comforted, "Faye, I am here with you. What are you scared of?"

Everyone in their social circles knew that Faye Kong was under Jeremy's protection. Faye was a poor college student, but ever since she played up to Jeremy, she hadn't suffered any problems with money.

The dress she was wearing now was from the latest autumn collection of SL Group, which was given to her from Jeremy.

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