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   Chapter 358 Extra Story No. 28 About Fabian Li

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5904

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"Damn it! Purple Charm, you got married? And you even have a child? When? Why didn't you invite us to the wedding? Is that your way to treat your friends?"

Jeffery sighed, "We will get our marriage license first. As for the wedding ceremony, I will have to find the proper opportunity for it first."

He was bothered about how to propose to Cathy.

He wanted to think of a proposal she wouldn't turn down.

It had been fifth month since Cathy got pregnant. Jeffery hired a housekeeper to look after her, and then returned to Shine Empire for two days.

The third day when he came back to A Country, he was covered in wounds. Cathy's heart broke when she saw him. She held Jeffery tight to her breast, and cried, "What happened to you? How did you get so many wounds? Let's go to the hospital. Hurry!"

Jeffery, covered in scrapes and bruises, shook his head. He took out a diamond ring from his pocket. Cathy stared at his face, instead of the ring. Jeffery said, "I disowned my father. I will pick up my mother and bring her here to live with us in a couple of days. Do you think that will be okay with you?"

Cathy, panic-stricken, agreed and said, "Of course I agree. Now, let's go to the hospital first."

"We will go once you wear this." He took the ring with a massive diamond on it, and then held her by the hand. He said, "Cathy, will you marry me?"

Cathy couldn't stop crying when she heard him. She cried, "You have gotten yourself hurt like this... I... You..." She was too emotional to say anything.

Jeffery said, "If you don't accept my proposal, I won't go to the hospital. Even if I have to suffer great pain."

Cathy burst into a laughter as she looked at him. She said, "I accept, of course I do. Our baby will be born soon. How

toast to them and said smilingly, "Fabian, Cathy. Congratulations! May you live happily forever!"

Jeffery clinked their glasses and put his hand around Cathy. He said, "We will. All of us deserve to lead a happy life."

Cathy took a sip of her wine when she saw Jeffery drink. 'Thank you, Angela! Thanks for turning down Jeffery's pursuit. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to live such a happy life with him, ' she thought to herself.

Arvin pointed at kids who were playing not far away from them, and looked at Jeffery. He said playfully, "You should try harder on having more children."

Jeffery smiled, and whispered in Cathy's ear, "My sweetheart, we should have four children at least. We can't lose to Arvin. Don't you agree with me?"

Cathy flushed and asked, "Do you consider me to be a pig?"

Jeffery asked in surprise, "Am I wrong?"

Angela and Arvin burst into laughter. Cathy felt embarrassed, so she hit Jeffery and said, "How dare you say that I am a pig. Tonight..."

Jeffery had a bad vibe, so he said, "No, my honey, you misunderstood me. I meant that I am a pig."

They all laughed heartily. The hotel was filled with joy and laughter.

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