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   Chapter 356 Extra Story No. 26 About Fabian Li

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5726

Updated: 2018-11-10 00:07

A year later, the media released a news that shocked everyone in the business world: Zhusong Group and Zhuyun Group had merged into one company, and Cathy You, had resigned as the president of Zhusong Group, while her cousin Carola You had taken over to replace her at the company.

Cathy never appeared in any news anymore.

This elegant woman vanished from the business circle of Shine Empire. Although she wasn't as cunning as her mother, she was ten thousand times better than the current president, Carola.

The day Cathy left Zhusong Group, she took away all her personal belongings. When she walked to the entrance, she saw a tailored black motorcycle parked next to her Cadillac.

A man wearing a pair of sunglasses and holding a helmet was waiting for her there. When he saw her, he started to walk towards her. Then they stood in front of each other.

Three months had passed since the last time they met.

Jeffery hadn't changed at all. He still wore a denim jacket, a pair of jeans, and a pair of white skateboard shoes. He still liked to ride a motorcycle. Everything about him seemed so familiar. When he walked towards her, he looked like a teenage playboy.

Cathy still wore a pair of high heels. But she changed the height from 8cm to 4cm.

Jeffery put his helmet on Cathy's head. Then he took the other one on the motorcycle and sat on the motorcycle.

He started the motorcycle, rode to her and stopped.

When Cathy was about to get on the motorcycle, she heard a sarcastic voice from behind her, "I wondered why you wouldn't tell us who got you pregnant. Turns out he is just a punk. You must have felt shamed to tell us about it."

Jeffery looked back. He saw a woman who loo

At the end of the bridge, Jeffery stopped. They got off the motorcycle and sat on the bench along the road.

"You can depend on me from now on, " Jeffery told Cathy.

From the day Cathy left her family, he had been paying close attention to everything related to her.

He hacked the computer of the Personnel Department of Zhusong Group and found out that today was her last day in office.

You can depend on me. Five simple words, that sounded like a dream for most women.

Most women could only hope for a man to make such a promise to them...

As a woman, Cathy was of no exception. She would also fantasize about a man who would love and care her whole-heartedly.

Maybe Jeffery would care her whole-heartedly, but he might not love her... Cathy didn't want to be a burden on him. She looked at him sincerely and said, "You don't have to do that. Even though I left Zhusong Group, I can still find another job to support myself."

Actually, Jeffery could work from anywhere as long as he had a computer with him. That way, he could do many things that other men couldn't do. Like, he could accompany her at every moment.

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