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   Chapter 355 Extra Story No. 25 About Fabian Li

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5839

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When Cathy got out of the bathroom, she saw a few bags of her company's brand at the end of the bed.

Only the Zhusong Group would make such excellent products!

Several brands of the Zhusong Group had gone international and were of the first and second line brands in the international market.

There were a blue dress, a pair of flat black shoes, and a set of beige underwear in the bags, all of which were products of the first-line brand of Zhusong Group.

As she walked out of the room, Cathy stood outside Jeffery's room for a while, but then she decided to go downstairs straightaway.

The butler had prepared a meal for her and was waiting for her to enjoy it.

She was quite exhausted, so she just sat down and started to eat.

The gates of the castle opened and Cathy was all set. She walked out of the castle confidently. Butler Qu had been waiting for her outside, in the car.

Before getting into the car, Cathy turned around and looked at the direction of Jeffery's room. But nobody was there...

The car drove slowly out of the castle and headed towards downtown.

When the car was finally out of sight, Jeffery appeared on the balcony, staring coldly at the empty road.

There were only a few meters between the castle's gate and the car. Though her feet were hurting, Cathy straightened her back and walked out of the castle like a queen.

The car stopped at the entrance of the Zhusong Group. Butler Qu got off and opened the door for her. Cathy stepped out of the car and looked at the towering company building in front of her. Then she said slowly, "Thank you, Qu."

"My pleasure, Miss. It's my job."

Cathy put on her sunglasses and gave him a smile, "When you go back, tell him that of all colors, I h

little bastard in your belly?"

Even though Bertha gave her a tight slap, Cathy still refused to open her mouth.

Bertha was so angry that she trembled with fury. She had carefully nursed her daughter for thirty years, but now, she had been ruined by some unknown man. "Fine! You want to protect him, huh? Butler Zhang, take her to the hospital and abort that little bastard!"

"I won't go to the hospital!" After hearing the word 'bastard', Cathy raised her head and looked at Bertha.

Bertha wouldn't stop, "Do you think you get to make that decision? You got pregnant before marriage! How dare you have the nerve to say no? I can't believe I had nursed such a shameless daughter! I should have aborted you too!"

Cathy stood straight and let her mother hurl abuse at her.

Finally, the old lady sitting at the couch spoke, "Cathy, I know you're a good girl. I won't force you to abort your child. But, you have to make a choice between this child and Zhusong Group."

Everyone shut their mouths upon hearing this. No one dared to retort.

Cathy knew that she would have to face this situation one day, so she made her choice without hesitation.

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