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   Chapter 354 Extra Story No. 24 About Fabian Li

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7225

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She opened her eyes when she heard Jeffery's voice. She rushed to him in spite of the pain on her feet and said, "Jeffery, I just want to go back to save the company. I don't want to be here and investigate anything any more."

Jeffery was confused by her words. He looked at the frightened woman and thought, 'What was she talking about? What did she want to investigate?

But is this place really terrifying?' He had been living there for a dozen years. Nobody but he and the butlers taking care of his life lived there, and sometimes some of his friends would crash his place for a couple of nights. He had never felt scared at all.

Cathy asked, "Oh my god! How could you live here all alone? I think you should go see a psychologist. Okay?"

Jeffery didn't know how to respond. He said, "I'm very well, I don't need any shrinks."

Cathy pushed him further, "Jeffery, could you stay with me tonight?"


"Don't get me wrong. I meant that you can sleep on the ground, and I will sleep on the bed."

Jeffery smiled and said, "Sorry, Your Majesty, but this is my house."

Cathy pouted and said, "But you're a man, and I'm a woman. Men are supposed to take care of women, and even spoil them."

Jeffery said, "That happens between lovers, and we're not lovers. I don't have to take care of you, got it?"

Cathy stood up and held her arms across her chest. She proudly looked at Jeffery and said, "Well, under this situation, I can pretend to be your girlfriend for a few hours. Come on, let's go rest, and as I've said, I sleep in the bed, while you on the ground."

Jeffery felt that it was ridiculous and asked, "Shouldn't you ask me if I agree or not?" Jeffery couldn't believe there was a woman who was more feisty than Angela.

Cathy then asked him if he agreed.

Jeffery said no, and then he walked toward his room.

Cathy caught up with him and stood in front of him with stretched out arms, then she said, "Jeffery, you will be responsible if I ever get hurt."

She behaved so strongly, just like whenever she was in her office.

Jeffery sneered, held his arms across his chest, and said, "How could you get hurt

A man alone with a woman was like water drops on burning rocks...

Jeffery originally went on top of her to frighten her, but... he failed to restrain himself.

In the next morning, sunlight poured in through the windows. Jeffery looked at Cathy, full of doubt. He slept with a woman but he didn't even know her name.

It was already afternoon when Cathy woke up. Only she was in the room.

She moved her body and ached all over, which reminded her of what she did the night before.

Jeffery said that she was there to sacrifice herself to him. She had wanted to retort it, but she thought what they had done made what Jeffery said the truth, and that, she couldn't deny.

She sat up, rubbed her eyebrows, and glanced at a piece of paper on the bedside table.

"I have my professional ethics, so I won't tell you who hired me to hack into the Zhusong Group. But I will take back what I have done to Zhusong Group by making her pay for it. I will also invest some money into Zhusong Group, in return for what I did last night. You're free to leave whenever you like."

Cathy thought, 'Am I being thrown away after being slept with? Was this abandonment after compensation?

Does he think I only care about the money?

Does he really think that I am a promiscuous woman?'

The blood stain on the sheets had become an irony.

On a second thought... Well... Wasn't it promiscuous to sleep with a man she only met twice?

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