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   Chapter 353 Extra Story No. 23 About Fabian Li

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7481

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Zhusong Group, run by Cathy, specialized in women's products, such as cosmetics, handbags, clothes, and anything that women used on a daily basis.

Therefore, as a CEO, Cathy paid special attention to taking care of her own body.

Her body shape, her face, and every patch of skin on her body were perfect...

Right now, her slim right thigh and foot were placed on Jeffery's lap. She saw a flash in his eyes.

No matter how arrogant Cathy seemed in her daily life, deep down inside she was a woman, a girl, and even more childish than a man.

Noticing the amazed look in Jeffery's eyes, Cathy could't help but gloat. She put masks on her feet and had them soaked and cleaned in a milk bath everyday. Of course, she had extraordinarily beautiful feet.

Normally, she cherished her feet at all times. But in the battle just now, she accidentally stepped on a broken piece of the wine bottle and got hurt.

Her gloating look didn't escape Jeffery's notice. He pinched her foot a little, and Cathy cried out, "Ouch..."

Her whole face creased because of the pain. Seeing it, Jeffery curled his lips proudly, softened his move, and asked, "Did you grow up with your feet bound?"

"What?" replied Cathy. She raised her head and looked at him, puzzled.

Jeffery took off his glasses when he came in just now, so now she could see his purple eyes.

"You have such small feet, so they must have been bound, " said Jeffery. Jeffery took out the alcohol and started to clean her wound.

Cathy was speechless, but said, "My dear, have you seen any foot of size 37 after foot-binding?"

Size 37? "It is indeed small, " said Jeffery. He wore shoes of size 44.

"Compared with my friends, I have large feet. They are all about 34 and 35, " said Cathy. Although she had a pair of well-maintained feet, her foot size was larger than most of her friends. That was the only flaw of her perfect feet.

Jeffery laughed and said, "Keep still. I'm going to pull out the shards. Although I haven't done such a thing before, I have confidence in myself."

On the sole of her fair-skinned foot were three or four pieces of glass scraps, which seemed painful.

Cathy grabbed his arm nervously and said, "Stop. Since you have never done

fery unwillingly called another butler and said, "Qu, clean up the guest room."

After butler Qu had cleaned the guest room, Cathy had already been in deep sleep on the sofa.

She was woken up by nature's call after midnight. She suddenly sat up from the bed, looked around the dark room, and was instantly awakened.

It was dark outside. The curtain was blown by the wind under the moonlight. It was so... terrifying.

She didn't know where the light was, so she fumbled at the bedside for a while to find the switch.

After she came back from the bathroom, she couldn't sleep any more.

All sorts of unsolved mysteries in castles were played again and again in her mind...


She suddenly sprang up from the bed, suppressed her pounding heart, and opened the door. There was a dim light outside, in the corridor.

Even so, she still felt extremely terrified.

Where was Jeffery's room? Which room did he sleep in?

Cathy opened every door as she limped along. Please, let her see a living person. Let her sense a person's existence. "Jeffery! Jeffery... Where is your room?" she shouted.

Many of the doors were locked, so she stood still, leaned on the wall, and cried.

She was sobbing... She would never come to his castle again.

She would not look for this person again. She would go back and save the company's losses.


Cathy saw a shadow out of the corner of her eyes and was scared, so she let out a terrified shriek, "Ah!"

"It's me!"

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