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   Chapter 352 Extra Story No.22 About Fabian Li

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As soon as Jeffery finished sneering at Cathy, he carried over a glass of freshly made cocktail and served it to another customer.

Cathy was shocked by his words.

'Get plastic surgery to make me look like Angela? Isn't Angela the wife of Director Gu? Why? Does he have a secret crush on Angela?'

Looking down at her bank card, Cathy laughed and thought that Purple Charm was really different from other men.

Compared to other men who usually looked at her salaciously, Purple Charm turned his nose up at Cathy even though he knew that she deliberately got close to him. How refreshing it was!

Cathy downed the glass of cocktail, and then went to the washroom to fix her makeup. Afterwards, she left the bar.

'Alas! Not only did I get nothing tonight, I also blew my cover when Purple Charm recognized me from last night.

When did I become so foolish?' Cathy thought to herself.

Looking at the scene of debauchery that followed on the streets, Cathy crouched down under a tree with a deep sense of alienation. As the sound of footsteps approached and then stopped behind her, Cathy heard, "Miss You, it's getting colder, please get on the car!"

The person who said that was her bodyguard Lynn. He had protected her for over ten years now, under her grandmother's arrangement.

"I'd like to stay alone for a while. Lynn, please wait for me in the car." Cathy responded to Lynn sulkily as she buried her face in her lap.

Lynn then took a step back. He neither got in the car nor did he say anything else.

After more than ten minutes, Lynn said in a hesitant voice, "Miss You, actually, you didn't have to do this in person. I can find an experienced woman to get close to him."

Cathy sighed. She had only decided to take the initiative because she was very angry at Purple Charm.

Things were not all as simple as they thought it would be. Cathy got up slowly and said, "Well, the issue is now in the hands of..." You.

Before Cathy uttered the last word, she heard Lynn cry out suddenly, "Miss, Miss!"

Before she turned back to look, she had realized that Lynn was fighting off some people behind her.

She was always getting into this sort of trouble. But the difference was that, this time there were only Lyn and her up against a dozen people at a time.

Several people ganged up on Lynn while the others drew upon Cathy.

Cathy took off her high-heeled shoes without hesitation, and then used them to hit the two men in front of her. As soon as she threw the shoes straight to their faces, both of them screamed, buried their faces in their hands, and crouched on the ground in fear.

h a spooky place and even take her here, she would not have asked him to take her away from being shot by the media.

"Aren't you afraid the journalists and your grandmother are going to find out about your situation?"

"..." Cathy realized that she didn't have any better options and so she got off the car obediently and followed Jeffery into the castle.

The castle's interior design was based on the old European castles, and it was not as horrible as Cathy had imagined. A man who was presumably the butler was already standing there waiting for them with medical kit in his hand.

Earlier when they were stopped at a red light, Jeffery had already asked his butler to prepare everything before their arrival.

"Come here and sit down." Jeffery directed Cathy to sit beside him. Then, he opened the medical kit, and took out the ethyl alcohol and gauze.

When the butler walked away, Cathy realized that he might be blind as he used a walking stick for guidance.

She walked unsteadily towards Jeffery. Then, she sat beside him and extended her injured arm to him.

Jeffery took a look at her and said, "Put out your foot first."

Cathy was a little taken aback, and thought that he must have noticed her foot injury as well.

Jeffery pointed at the way she had just passed through. Cathy soon found the trail of blood she had left behind her on the white carpet as she followed in his direction.

She was embarrassed and instantly apologized for staining the carpet, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, let me pay for the dry cleaning..."

"Are you rich?" Jeffery interrupted Cathy with his cold voice.

Cathy intended to nod but suddenly chose to shut up when she realized that she was in Jeffery's vast and resplendent castle.

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